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How To Prepare for the Perfect Binge-Read

With the release of the complete first seasons for our first three serials, we’ve unlocked LIMITLESS BINGE-READING POTENTIAL. Now, you can download and read all of the episodes from the first seasons of Bookburners, Tremontaine, and The Witch Who Came In From The Cold.

BB S1_Omnibus_Complete_VC_ebook           witch_omnibus_cover (1)

To celebrate, we thought we’d share our top tips on having a perfect book-reading binge.

Step 1. Find the right read! Are you in the mood for a romantic, swoon-y tale? Or maybe a thriller to keep you on the edge of your seat? Perhaps you want some mystery to distract you from your long week of work? Whatever it is, this is your time!

Step 2. Locate a comfy place. Bed? Couch? Floor? Wherever you pick, make sure it’s comfortable. You’re going to be there for a while.

Step 3. Snacks! It’s super important to acquire the correct snacks. You don’t want anything greasy that might stain your pages/mess up your e-reader, or something that requires more than one hand to eat. (How else will you turn the pages? With your feet? Practice your one-handed burger eating for ultimate binge-reading mastery.)

Step 4. No disruptions.

Step 4a. Ignore your phone and social media. Even if your friends text you 1,671 times about some awesome event, tell them no. You are having a book party. You don’t need them. Books are your friends.

Step 5. Allow yourself to become fully immersed in the book. The best part of a book binge is that feeling of sinking into a fictional world, leaving real one behind for a little bit.

Step 6.  Don’t fall asleep. This is a risk of reading at night, or with a comfy blanket, but we’re confident you can fight through the sleepies (zzzz) and finish the novel! 

Step 7.  In fact, perhaps engage in physical activity while reading. You can stretch! Or tap your foot. Maybe even get on the treadmill for a little walk.  (Or, just stay in your blanket-cocoon. That’s totally allowed.)

Step 8. When you’re getting close to the end of the book, make sure you have the sequel ready! (or preordered.)

Step 9. Let it go. (No, we’re not using that gif) At some point, the book will end, or you will run out of time. Then, you must… go outside. But don’t worry! We hear there’s something called “the sun” and sometimes, if you’re lucky, it’s a nice, warm day. And there may be more books out there. Supposedly.

Step 10.  Or… boot up the laptop and chat about it! Let’s be honest, after a really successful book binge, there’s nothing you want to do more than to share your feels with the world. If you hated the book, you’ll need to vent. If you loved it, it’s time to tweet all the heart-eye emojis in the world, and try and make all your friends read it ASAP.

Step 11.  Finally, when the book is over, and you’ve returned to normal life, it’s time to… start plotting your next book binge!

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