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Meet the Cast: Teddy and Inez of ReMade

This week saw a couple new faces on the scene in ReMade! To help you get to know these latecomers, we enlisted artist Chris Boatright from AskTheStarGazers to bring our characters to life.

The One Withtara-sim-header

Tara Sim and The One with The Firebending Masters

She loves magic, time, and this one really awesome episode of Avatar: the Last Airbender. Meet Tara Sim now!

Serial Newson-the-road-with-serial-box

Serial Box at World Fantasy 2016!

Heading to World Fantasy? Hang out with some Serial Box authors!

PodcastRereadTremontaine Reread

Tremontaine Season 1 Reread: Episode 8, “A City Without Chocolate”

“A City Without Chocolate”? Say it ain’t so, Lo! If we thought the party went bad, it looks like fortunes are taking an even worse turn this episode…

Weekly Munchiesfrog-header

Somebody once told us…Happy Monday! (Now with 100% more funny frogs)

Things we need this week: an emotional support duck for the fact that our bad food picture on instagram only get 1 like and it was from our mom.

From The Writers' Roomtremontaine-s2-writers-notes-web-header

Ellen Kushner on writing Tremontaine S2E01: “Convocation”

The first thing I want to say is THANK YOU to every reader who somehow found their way here, stayed to take chocolate with the duchess (and to witness the giant vengeful swan pudding at the Ball).


Kiersten White on writing ReMade E6: “Reality No-Show”

Story planning when sleep deprived and sneezing over cats.

The One Withcarrie-harris-fave-ep-web-banner

Carrie Harris and The One With The Little Feet

I love the X-Files with the fire of a thousand suns. My college roommates and I watched it religiously every week and taped them for long binge rewatch sessions. Sometimes, we would also drink alcoholic beverages out of test tubes, but that’s a different story altogether.

RereadTremontaine Reread

Tremontaine Season 1 Reread: Episode 7, “The Swan Ball”

Behold! The dreaded Pudding Swan in its natural habitat.

Serial NewsReMade E6 Web Header

New Episode! ReMade E6: “Reality No-Show”

A break from your regular programming.

Serial Newstremontaine-s2e1-web-header

Season Premier! Tremontaine S2E01: “Convocation”

The Council of the Lords is back in session and Diane looks to cement her power.

Just For Funmyers-dystopia-article

Surviving the Dystopia with E.C. Myers

The geeks will inherit the earth - even if they might need a little help surviving long enough to get there.

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