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Andrea Phillips on writing ReMade Episode 2: “Hungry”

This episode of ReMade is a lot less fictional than you might expect.

Meet The Characterremade-character-cards-header

Meet the Cast: Holden, Seyah, and May of ReMade

The world of REMADE is a big one - full of killer robots, space elevators, wild jungle... and not to mention a fairly large cast! To help keep things straight, we enlisted artist Chris Boatright from AskTheStarGazers to bring our characters to life.

Serial Newstremontaine-season-two-banner

Announcement: Tremontaine Season Two!

We are delighted to officially announce that Tremontaine will return for its second season on Wednesday, October 19th!

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New Episode! ReMade E2: “Hungry”

Gnawing unknowing.

Weekly Munchiesmonsters-subway

Girl, you need Monsters and Metal this Monday

Everything is awesome! (No, is.)

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Max Gladstone on writing Bookburners S2E13: “The End of the Day”

Here we are! The end of the second season of Bookburners.

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Matthew Cody on writing ReMade Episode 1: “Shadows and Dreams”

Beginning an adventure - and avoiding Spoiler City...

Serial NewsBookburners S2E13 Header

Series Finale! Bookburners S2E13: “The End of the Beginning”

The day of reckoning has arrived for both Asanti the Archivist and the entire Societas Librorum Occultorum.

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Serial Launch! ReMade E1: “Shadows and Dreams”

What dreams may come?

A Bowl of Questionsandrea-interview-header

A Bowl of Questions with Andrea Phillips

Tomorrow, September 14th, marks a very special date for Serial Box: Bookburners reaches is Season Two finale and ReMade finds its official launch! To celebrate we are delighted to have Andrea Phillips - an author with the special distinction of being on both writing teams - sit down for some tasty Q+A!

Weekly Munchiesariel-space-marine

Your Monday needs Disney Princess Space Marines

....and Banana experts. Dive into your week with our favorite links of late!

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Margaret Dunlap on writing Bookburners S2E12: “Coming Home”

Where or where to set the final show down?

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