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New Episode! ReMade E13: “Memories of Arcadia”

The city watches, and remembers.

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New Episode! Tremontaine S2E8: “A Rushing of Wings”

Micah accompanies Rafe on his mission to rescue Will.

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Spend Monday with a couple defensive Tamanduas and some thoroughly miffed Sea Lions

Also included: some excitable cats, a territorial dog, and some some book recommendations.

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Carrie Harris on writing ReMade E12: “Modern History”

You know how they say that life imitates art? Sometimes that’s true, and when you’re writing about a bunch of kids marooned lord-only-knows-where and being chased by killer robots, it’s the last thing that you want.

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Joel Derfner on writing Tremontaine S2E7: “The Duchess Gambit”

Sometimes perfection takes a bit of work.

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Give the Gift of Serial Box!

With our new gifting feature, it's easier than ever to share Serial Box with your friends and loved ones.

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New Episode! Tremontaine S2E7: “The Duchess Gambit”

Diane faces an unexpectedly skilled adversary.

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New Episode! ReMade E12: “Modern History”

Cole discovers some unsettling answers at a museum.

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Parker Peevyhouse’s Wish List for ‘The 100’ Season 4

Here at Serial Box, one of our greatest loves is the episodic form. This is why we invite creator friends to stop by our blog and tell us about episodic things they love - and today that friend is Parker Peevyhouse!

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Yetis, Utopias, and Some Totally Subtle Gift Suggestions

Also there is a video of a hot knife cutting through things and you know you want to see that.

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E.C. Myers on writing ReMade E11: “We’re Dead Here in This Ghost Town”

So here it is, the second part of Loki’s back story.

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Mary Anne Mohanraj on writing Tremontaine S2E6: “Blood and Silk”

Exploring the communities of Tremontaine.

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