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A Bowl of Questions with Liz Duffy Adams

Meet Whitehall author Liz Duffy Adams: award-winning playwright, benevolent super-villain, and kindred sloth.

Weekly Munchiesblah

Olympics Shlympics – We have the internet!

Mario transformations, hunting for dragons (and the Queer Fiction in which they reside), and adventures in with Google Translate.

RereadTremontaine Reread

Tremontaine Season 1 Reread: Episode 2, “The North Side of the Sun”

Author Alaya Dawn Johnson weaves us a delicious tale of safron, secrets...and sultry lust-hate.

From The Writers' RoomWhitehall Writers Notes Header 1

Sarah Smith on writing Whitehall Episode 11: “A King and No King”

What does it mean—emotionally and politically—for a royal couple to be suspected of infertility?

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Margaret Dunlap on writing Bookburners S02 E09: “The Village”

On one hand, “The Village” is the most TV-esque episode I’ve ever written for Bookburners. Yet, what makes the episode really work is a device that is nearly impossible to pull off in television or film.

RereadTremontaine Reread

Tremontaine Season 1 Reread: Episode 1, “Arrivals”

Welcome to the Tremontaine Season 1 Reread! In preparation for Season 2 (premiering October 19!) your stalwart guide will be recapping every episode of the intoxicating fantasy of manners, so grab a cup of chocolate and settle in for for a scandalously good time!

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Calling all bloggers: Join TremonTEAM!

Do you dream of duels and chocolate? Join the Tremontaine Street Team!

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New Episode! Whitehall Episode 11: “A King and No King”

Sickness descends upon the vulnerable Catherine, setting all of Whitehall into chaos – but none more so than those who love her most.

Serial NewsBookburners S2E9 Header

New Episode! Bookburners S02 E09: “The Village”

Desperate for information, the Society turns to the mysterious Network for help–using Liam as bait.


A Bowl of Questions with the award-winning Kij Johnson, Author of “The Dream-Quest of Vellitt Boe”

Meet the multiple Nebula Award and Hugo Award winning Kij Johnson, whose novella "The Dream-Quest of Vellitt Boe" comes out August 16th with Tor.com Publishing.


Fan Spotlight: Lisa from Over the Effing Rainbow

The only things we Serial Boxers love more than delicious episodic fiction are the amazing readers, listeners, and fans who tune in every week to enjoy our serials.

Weekly Munchiesalpha

Amazing Simones, Kooky Animals, & Gardens of the Future: This Week’s Round-up of Our Fav Internet Treats

Adorable furry babies, space discoveries, and incredible young athletes have made for a pretty great week!

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