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Leading the Way | New episodes out this week

In Silverwood: The Door, “Out here in the woods, with every last vestige of civilization crumbling, he finally felt like himself.” In Bullet Catcher,  Imma learns that bullets can be bitter medicine. Tremontaine, still on hiatus. Plus, a new micro story is published for Microfiction Monday!

Silverwood Season 1

How does a nice week in the woods sound? Like screaming. It sounds like screaming.

Ever since the old Silverwood Electrical & Engineering labs shut down, the site, surrounded by trees on a quiet mountain, has been a peaceful refuge for campers of all kinds. But soon after a ragtag troop of scouts and a bus full of corporate drones arrive for a week of roughing it, the forest turns against them.

There’s a strange pollen in the air that is making everyone agitated. Violent, even. There’s a creepy girl with a teddy bear. A giant, monstrous teddy bear. And there’s a malevolent force beneath the dirt, desperate to open a door between dimensions and return home. All it needs is blood.

Welcome to Silverwood, campers.

Episode 6: Leader of the Pack by Stephen Kozeniewski

Night has fallen over the forest around the old Silverwood Electrical and Engineering complex. But no one is sleeping, except the ones who are already dead. The evil force that lives beneath the earth has driven nearly everyone camping in the woods, from the youngest scout to the oldest receptionist, to screaming murder. The few not in its grip are trapped in the mayhem, desperately searching for escape, or shelter, or anything that looks like safety.

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Bullet Catcher

In the desert, you can bend. You can splinter. But you can’t break. Not if you want to be free.

Immaculada Amaya Moreno has no kind of life in no kind of town. Her parents are dead, her brother probably is too. When a stranger arrives, a stranger who can bend bullets to his will, she figures she has nothing to lose. So like a cobalt shadow cast in the sand, she follows him into the wastes. She’s hoping to find answers, purpose, maybe even some kind of life. What she finds will change not only her life, but her whole world.

Episode 4: Old Friends by Joaquin Lowe

The Bullet Catcher is training Imma hard, but it’s going to take more than a few bullet wounds to get rid of her. Eleven months pass, and with it, eleven scars, each a sign that she cannot yet bend the path of a bullet, much less catch it. But then a mysterious woman appears, and the Bullet Catcher makes to leave Imma behind, to chase them man who killed her brother. She won’t have it, and digs deep to pass the test. And then it’s down the mountain and back into the desert, with revenge just out of sight over the horizon.

If you haven’t read episode one, you can read it for free now!

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Microfiction Mondays

This week’s Microfiction Monday featured a micro story by Bookburners’ Brian Francis Slattery. Remember to turn your Serial Box push notifications on to get new micro fiction on Mondays at 3pm EST! Learn more here.

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