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The Stages of Enjoying An Episode Of Serialized Fiction

Here at Serial Box, we are experts at enjoying fine works of serialized fiction. But maybe this is your first time reading  an episode! (Or listening to–did you know all our episodes come with an audio version??) If so, here is a handy list of the stages you may pass through on your serial journey.

1. Trying it out

You’ve heard about serialized fiction, before. Maybe you’ve seen your friends squeeing over their favorite badass lady of Tremontaine or heard some creepy-awesome details of Bookburners. Maybe your favorite author writes for Serial Box, and you’re craving more of their delicious words. Regardless, you have decided to take the plunge and read an episode. (A decision made easy by the fact that all our serial pilot episodes are free!)

2. Enjoyment

Turns out this serial stuff is pretty awesome! The story is compelling, the dialogue witty and fresh, oh, and you already have a favorite character. Yeah, you’re into this.

3. The End

There’s a thrilling conclusion, yes… but you need more! More drama! More unresolved sexual tension between those two (or three) characters! And what about that faint tease of a plot that might span multiple episodes? WHY IS IT OVER?

4. Disbelief

You crave more of the story, so you decide to immediately re-read it. Maybe this time, there will magically be another episode.

5. Acceptance

It’ll be fine. It’s only six more days until the next episode. Maybe in that time you can…take up a hobby! Learn to tapdance. Or eat your feelings and watch your computer for any potential teasers that might hold you over until you get your next serial fix. Either way, life will go on.

6. Anticipation

Suddenly, you find yourself looking forward to Wednesday, and not just because the week is half-over. You know you’ll be rewarded with another serial episode. Just knowing that makes the work week a little brighter. After all, you’ve got a hot date with fiction on Wednesday.

7. The cycle begins again

It’s Wednesday. You stare at your app, until, suddenly the new episode arrives! It’s time for a serial party! You dive into the episode, and immediately plunge back into the world of the story. Best. Day. Ever.

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