Weekly Munchies

Optimistic Possum is here with pretty pictures and happy tweets for your Monday

Hey psst, wanna buy some cubes?” – and other paintings with equally amazing titles by artist Tomislav Jagnjić.

Here are 12 positive tweets to provide a temporary escape from the grim abyss of reality, because #necessary.

Literary Hub has gathered 10 Contemporary Novels By or About Muslims because we find each other through reading each other.

Similarly, Signature has gathered 7 fiction books that explore The Space Between – the US-Mexico border.

Would you like to see an optimistic possum photoshopped into many ridiculous situations? OF COURSE YOU WOULD.

Publishers Weekly’s Most Anticipated Books of Spring 2017 list is here – what are you excited for?

Behold the fairies of Namibia! (JK scientists have figured out what actually makes the mysterious desert circles – but hey, science is just magic explained.)

Drag Queen Story Hour is the adorable heart warming story you need right now.

Here are 17 Badass Historical LGBT Women Who Gave Absolutely No Fucks. #yassqueen.

Hannu Huhtamo is a Finnish artist who uses long-exposure photography to paint with light and ermahgerds it’s so pretty.

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