From The Writers' Room Featuring ReMade

Details, Details.

ReMade season 2 is underway, and boy was writing it a roller coaster! This season will look smooth as glass to you in reading it, but we hit a couple of unusual bumps while we were writing this season.

Mind you, we’re used to having to do a lot of reconciliation after the fact. Stuff like…

“Wait, you think this is a jungle? I thought this was a forest!”


“Okay, but are they camped inside the ruins, or are they right outside, or like five miles away?”

This time, though, we wound up doing some pretty heavy-duty restructuring to make a more compelling season for you. For one thing, the first episode, “Patch Job,” was originally written as the third episode. (You’ll see the original first episode when the third drops this week–they swapped places, and you’ll see how it could’ve worked either way when we get there.)

We also cut an entire episode from the middle of the season! But…we did that before it was written, so don’t get too excited about the idea of a Lost Episode of ReMade floating around out there anyplace, my friends.

And hilariously, this season we finally hit a question we probably should have addressed much earlier on…

“Um, guys? What exactly does a caretaker look like?”

That’s right, we got through the entire first season without ever committing 100% to a description of a caretaker and its capabilities. A lot of that was by design; we always intended to have a lot of different models, and for many of them to have engaged in self-modification. So for the longest time, a caretaker could like like… well, however we wanted it to.

Then came Sparky. And–spoiler alert!–Sparky gets handed off from writer to writer this season, which means we finally needed some consistency on basic questions like, “How big is it?” and, “How many eyes does it have?” So pesky!

I thought I’d share a little bit of the, ah, internal communication we had on this matter. This is a doodle I drew to try and convey what I had in my head when I was writing about Sparky and Jing-Wei. This isn’t 100% canon and I don’t want your imagination to feel constrained by this, but hopefully you’ll enjoy this little peek into our process.

But not as much as I know you’ll enjoy the rest of the season. I’m pretty excited about everything that happens in the episodes to come and I really, really can’t wait to share it with all of you!

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