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Young Adult + Serialized Fiction = OTP

OTP means One True Pairing for all you Olds.

We here at Serial Box are pretty big fans of serialized fiction. For those of you who aren’t as familiar with the concept, it’s the process of telling a tale over a set a period of time, in sections that often stand on their own as interesting tales. We’re also big fans of Young Adult Fiction (and with books and authors like these, who wouldn’t be?). All this is to explain why we’re really excited about ReMade, our first young adult fiction serial, coming this Fall!

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Serialized fiction and the young adult fiction world are old friends, and, no, we’re not referring to that time your high school English teacher made you write a report on Charles Dickens. We didn’t pay attention in that class either.

So let’s talk about something more fun: never ending series.

Many of us remember a time long ago, when there was no Twitter or Bookstagram or even Harry Potter. We will refer to this time as Pre-HP. In these days, the heavy hitters of the YA world were very long series. Animorphs. Saddle Club. Babysitter’s Club.  Fight Club. (joking)

These books were often written by a team of authors, even if they only  had one name on the cover. Each featured a large cast of characters, who rotated into the spotlight. (Remind you of anything?)

Often times each book had a small plot, and gave details of a larger plot. These arcs spanned multiple books, and overall, every book tied into a much larger plot. Logic was handwaved away to keep the series running (really, how many kids in Springfield could possibly need babysitters?) but they were fun to read, both as stand-alones, and a binge read.

Then, a boy with a lightning shaped scar got a letter to Hogwarts, and the landscape of young adult fiction changed forever. The combination of the thrilling adventures at Hogwarts and the rapid growth of Internet accessibility gave rise to a new, powerful force in serial fiction: the fandom.

Don’t get us wrong. There have been fandoms before Harry Potter. (Trekkies, we’re looking at you) but for many people of a certain age, Harry Potter was the first fandom they interacted with. People took Quizilla quizzes to learn their Houses, debated spoilers for the next books, waged fandom wars (please don’t get us started on our Draco/Ginny feels)  and wrote fanfiction.

That last item, friends, is probably the most readily understandable form of serialized fiction for YA readers. How many of you remember the rush of checking fanfiction.net or FictionAlley to see if your favorite author posted a new chapter? How many remember the crushing despair as weeks, months, years, went by and a favorite fic never got another update? (We’ve been hoping for an update on one fic since 2009. Keeping the faith!)

And who can forget the joy of binge-reading a newly found fic, ignoring the fact that at 500k, it was longer than… pretty much every published book?

We here at Serial Box want you to get some of those positive feels, and we promise to never leave you hanging with a never-again-updated story. ReMade begins in September, and we promise updates on Wednesday, leading up to a series finale at least as jaw-droppingly awesome as any Harry Potter/Animorphs crossover fic you’ve ever read.


Check out ReMade on SerialBox.com now and go ahead and subscribe to be there from the very beginning and never miss an episode! While you wait for September to roll around, every Friday we’ll be hosting special #SBFriYA events and content .  To stay updated, get social with us!

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