Weekly Munchies

Yetis, Utopias, and Some Totally Subtle Gift Suggestions

Dutch Creative house Studio Smack was asked to reimagine the center panel of Hieronymus Bosch’s “The Garden of Earthly Delights” and basically visualized the trippiest dreamscape we could ever hope to have. 

Behold the promised land: Cockaigne, the medieval peasant’s dream of Utopia where “sloth was treasured and respected above all else.”


ADORABLE (rare) ANIMAL ALERT: the Ili Pika has been photographed for the first time in 20 years and omg it’s so cute we wanna die.


Can someone please explain to us why this video of someone literally just cutting through things with a heated knife for 30 minutes, is so damn satisfying??


Another holiday season = an endless stream of gift-giving guides. Here’s one for the book lover in your life! (which is us. please get these things for us.)


There might come a day when we don’t auto-click on anything promising to be evidence of a yeti BUT TODAY IS NOT THAT DAY. (Also, Russian dash-cams really are the gift that keeps on giving).


We’re just gunna leave this here…. Your Step By Step Guide to Making Your Own 2016 Dumpster Fire Christmas Ornament. You’re welcome.


Secret World of Stuff is here to prove that literally everything is better with a cute little face drawn on it.


Looking to step up your reading game and step out of your comfort zone? The Guardian has compiled a list of the Non-Western Books Everyone Should Read.


Get yourself learnt: the story behind QWERTY (i.e. your keyboard layout).

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