Weekly Munchies

Wild Women and Goth Chickens are here to save your Monday

Need a new hero? Check out this list of Top Ten Books About Wild Women!

The Mary Sue has begun a new video series where they highlight the work of women in animation. Check out their first installment which focuses on Jennifer Yuh Nelson who worked on Kung Fu Panda and more!

Brian Francis Slattery knows a thing or two about secret societies after writing two seasons of Bookburners – so he stopped by BoingBoing to list his Favorite Fictional Secret Societies.

Here, learn about a goth chicken because it’s Monday and what, you have something better to do? DIDN’T THINK SO.

Pirate Radio has come to Iran – learn about RadiTo over at Wired.

Did you catch the Handmaid’s Tale trailer during the Superbowl yesterday? We’ve got you covered, in case you were too busy eating cheetos.

Learn something: Charlie Jane Anders discusses The Islamic Roots of Science Fiction over on i09.

N.K. Jemisin published her January SF/F recommendations for the New York Times and included our very own Bookburners!

Live through the 90s? Get quizzy with it: 90’s Internet Culture (courtesy of BuzzFeed) #A/S/L?

Why do so many characters drink milk in movies? Now You See It explores…

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