Just For Fun

We wish we could send you pie πŸ₯§ 😍

Hi readers,

Happy almost Thanksgiving! (Unless you live outside the U.S., in which case, Happy Nondescript Wednesday!) Are you ready to fill your ears as well as your plates? Because we have a special treat for you. Sadly our tech team said there wasn’t a way for us to send you pie, but we have the next best thing: serials!

From now until Monday, November 26th, get 40% off all Serial Box gifts. Yep, we went ahead and made your holiday shopping that much easier, you don’t even have to leave your couch or your turkey leftovers. Or, if you’re like us, your pajamas. Just head to gift.serialbox.com, fill up your cart, and use the code ABOXINWINTER at checkout. You can send a digital-only gift, or pay a little extra and have a card + shiny enamel pin sent to your (or your recipient’s) door. Makes a pretty snappy stocking stuffer, if we do say so ourselves.

So, while you’re awaiting the filling of your plate, use this as an excuse to get your pals into the Serial Box universe so you can finally dish about your favorite series.

Serial Box

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