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‘Tis the Season

If you’re planning to travel this holiday season you’re likely to find yourself with a lot of time on your hands. So if you’re the driver and you’re tired of your own playlists or—if you’re a real masochist—the radio, we’ve corralled a few of our favorites for you to listen to, both fiction and nonfiction. And if you’re not the one at the wheel, we’ve got a couple of things you could watch. Because what’s better for traveling than serial content, which is a lot easier to drop when you finally reach your destination (and pick up later when you need to recuperate from having to deal with all those comments about your job and weight and, well, literally everything else)?

While we know that Serial Box episodes are already perfect on the go because you can choose whether to read or listen to them (and get back into it right where you left off if you get interrupted by your relatives asking when you’re planning to get married and have kids) these podcasts and shows are some of our favorites.

Listen to this: Fiction

Alice Isn’t Dead

From the creators of the radio-spot-style hit podcast Welcome to Nightvale comes Alice Isn’t Dead, a podcast about a truck driver looking for her long-thought-dead wife. Expect much of what you love about WTNV–except the lack of Cecil’s dulcet tones. And, since its final season concluded this August, you won’t have to wait for updates.

Listen to this: Non-Fiction

Hidden Brain

While NPR always has something interesting to offer, Hidden Brains is something special. It covers a range of topics with a focus on sociology and psychology, delving into human behavior and its effects on the world at large. It’s ongoing, with new episodes posted every Monday, but with more than 70 episodes (they gave up numbering them some time in 2017) there’s a decently sized backlog to get through.

Watch this: Fiction

Jade of Death

A six-part award-winning series that premiered this year, the series follows Jade, a small town girl who has an unusual abilityshe can tell when and how people are going to die. Although its first season wrapped this October, we’re desperately waiting for the next season and live to share the pain. You can watch it in its entirety on YouTube.

Watch this: Non-fiction

Adam Ruins Everything

With its third season starting later this month, now is a great time to catch up with Adam Ruins Everything, an entertaining yet informative show debunking common misconceptions. But, like, in a comical way.

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