Weekly Munchies

Three Gods, Gandalf, and some glitter – your Monday links are here

Michael Livingston dropped some knowledge on us with Five Amazing Women Warriors From The Middle Ages. Who run the world?

Speaking of – check out 17 pictures of History’s Most Rebellious Women and tear down the patriarchy while you’re at it.

We have company! NASA announced the discovery of 7 earth-sized planets only 40 light years away.

A girl invented a prosthetic arm that shoots glitter and now she is our hero.

Stealing is bad, but we do admire their taste – thieves repelled into a London warehouse for a rare book heist.

Ancient Egyptian Stories Will Be Published in English for the First Time – but whatever you do, don’t read them out loud (this was a The Mummy reference and we apologize for it).

The World Press Photo Contest has announced the 2017 winners. Powerful, evocative, tragic and beautiful – get your eye full.

What do you get when you combine a skilled photographer, the natural beauty of New Zealand, and a Gandalf costume. Magic. You get magic.

Get Learnt (and avoid getting sick): NPR schools us on the history of humans and germs.

Looking to impress at your next party? learn the secret of the Three Gods Riddle!

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