Just For Fun Featuring Whitehall

Surviving the Whitehall Hiatus with Royal Dignity

So, as you may have heard, our historical drama, WHITEHALL, is on hiatus until July 13th. The serial will be back soon, and full of the drama, romance, and mystery you’ve loved in the first five episodes. But what’s a royal reader to do during this wait?

Here are a few suggestions.


1. Make a calming cup of tea

After all, it was Queen Catherine herself who introduced the beverage to the British people. So, bring out the fanciest teacup you have, and pour yourself a steaming, proper brew.


2. Retain your regal bearing.

Remember, your royal subjects are watching you. (Or maybe just your cat.) In any case, calmly sip your tea. Do not throw said teacup at the wall, or poor the tea on your Kindle.

Okay, fine. You can get a little angry. But don’t worry, WHITEHALL will be back soon.

3. Learn a Courtly Art

Did you know fans could be used to send messages by young ladies at court? Have you ever attempted to dance the Gavotte  or another historical dance?  Now’s the time to learn new skills!


4. Pamper yourself like a prince or princess

A soothing bubble bath is a wonderful way to pass the time! After all, we may dream about visiting King Charles II’s court, but we are rather fond of our modern plumbing and other conveniences. Enjoy them before slipping back in time to the 17th century when WHITEHALL returns.


5. Acquire another royal read

If re-reading the first episodes of WHITEHALL isn’t enough for you, may we suggest our serial TREMONTAINE? The serial is a tale of scandal, sex, and swordplay sure to delight our fans, and keep you entertained until July 13.


6. Discuss the courtly intrigue with others!

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And on July 13th, celebrate with us when WHITEHALL returns!

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