Weekly Munchies

Spend Monday with a couple defensive Tamanduas and some thoroughly miffed Sea Lions

Women’s Work is a photo series by Chris Chrisman in which he took portraits of women doing jobs typically held by men. Take that, glass ceiling!


Another year ending means another ENDLESS ONSLAUGHT OF BEST BOOKS LISTS. Here, have the The New York Times‘ addition.


Tom Whitwell, a consultant for Fluxx, gathered 52 Things [he] Learned this Year. Dive in for some really fascinating info, such as the fact that back in July, 800,000 volunteers planted 49 million trees in Uttar Pradesh, India.


Having a bit of trouble finding your holiday cheer this year? Let these 18 cats who are really, really excited about Christmas trees teach you how it’s done. 


Any Gilmore Girls fans out there? Here, have An Analysis of Rory’s Journalism Career, From Writer to Another, courtesy of Bustle.


Google has updated its Google Earth timelapses and produced some really cool videos of the major changes our planet’s surface has seen of late.


File in: “Oooooo this looks awesome” – Hurricane Heels by Isabella Yap, will be released serially next week from Book Smugglers Publishing! “Five best friends, five magical girls, complete with sweet weapons masquerading as regular objects, transforming into full Sailor Moon gear? Oh hell yes.”


This video of two defensive tamanduas meeting for the first time is basically us IRL and suddenly the fact that we are single makes a lot more sense.


Our amazing intern @Writer_Carrie is the comedy genius behind @broodingYAhero and “Brooding YA Hero’s Guide to Achieving Main Character Status” has just been announced, coming Spring 2017 from Sky Pony Press! Read when Broody met MTV and get yourself acquainted with this hilarious persona.


This is literally just a video of a small yappy dog chasing some sea lions off a dock but damn if it ain’t satisfying to watch. NOW GET OFF MY LAWN.

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