Welcome to Whitehall, where the true history of Catherine of Braganza and her marriage to King Charles II of England is brought to life with all its sensual scandal and political intrigue. Venture back in time to a place where the games of royals affect the lives of all.

Presented in 13 episodes, Whitehall is written by Liz Duffy Adams, Delia Sherman, Barbara Samuel, Madeleine Robins, Mary Robinette Kowal, and Sarah Smith.

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Follow British Royalty Through the Ages with this Bounty of Great Historical Fiction

Has Whitehall whet your appetite for more historical fiction about British royals? Check out this round-up of the best historical fiction set in period England!

Serial News

Deleted Scenes: Whitehall Episode 2, Skilled Artifice

The cutting room floor: a place of wonders only writers and editors can wander - and now you! Behold this deleted scene from Episode 2 of Whitehall, shared with us more generously by "Skilled Artifice" writer Mary Robinette Kowal.

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Surviving the Whitehall Hiatus with Royal Dignity

So, as you may have heard, our historical drama, WHITEHALL, is on hiatus until July 13th. The serial will be back soon, and full of the drama, romance, and mystery you’ve loved in the first five episodes. But what’s a royal reader to do during this wait? Here are a few suggestions.

The One With

Madeleine Robins and the Dramatic Doctors

I love medical history, medical drama, Untold Stories of the ER. The more medical the better--and the first few seasons of ER, before they jumped the shark, are my jam. But even among those seasons, "Love's Labor's Lost" is indelible. I remember watching it and thinking "I didn't know you could do that on TV."

A Bowl of Questions

A Bowl of Questions with the esteemed Barbara Samuel

Meet Barbara Samuel and her wonderful crew of writing personas: the Girls in the Basement.

From The Writers' Room

Liz Duffy Adams and Delia Sherman discuss Whitehall Episode 5: “The Rules of the Game”

We read historical fiction at least in part to feel as if we’re time traveling—to feel that we’re experiencing a little of what it could be like to have -been- then. So we want to trust that we’re reading something with some accuracy. But story-telling requires some leeway.

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New Episode! Whitehall Episode 5: “The Rules of the Game”

Changes at court reflect the nation’s own transformation as new faces and sleeping arrangements upset the status quo.

From The Writers' Room

Madeleine Robins on Writing Whitehall Ep4: “Wit in All Languages”

This is the damnedest writing method I've ever encountered. At several points as I wrote and polished Episode 4 I sort of thought I couldn't do it. TV writers work like this all the time? Insane. And yet I did. This is How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Collaboration.

New Episode! Whitehall Episode 4: “Wit in All Languages”

Stars rise and fall and tides turn when a royal ball causes quite the stir in more ways than one.

A Bowl of Questions

Meet the one and only Delia Sherman!

She once made herself the schoolyard social pariah by demanding a stoup of canary (that’s a tankard of white wine) at kindergarten juice time. #TheMoreYouKnow

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Barbara Samuel on writing Whitehall Episode 3: “On His Blindness”

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stonger

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New Episode! Whitehall Episode 3: “On His Blindness”

The honeymoon is over as Charles and Catherine cross swords over the matter of his sultry mistress.

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