Welcome to Tremontaine, the prequel to Ellen Kushner’s beloved Riverside series that began with Swordspoint! A Duchess whose beauty is matched only by her cunning; her husband’s affair with a handsome scholar; a foreigner in a playground of swordplay and secrets; and a mathematical genius on the brink of revolution—when long-buried lies threaten to come to light, betrayal and treachery know no bounds with stakes this high. Mind your manners and enjoy the chocolate in a dance of sparkling wit and political intrigue.

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New Episode Tremontaine Season Finale: “A City’s Favor”

Kaab discovers the truth about Saabim’s death.

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New Episode: Tremontaine S3E12 “Surrounded”

Kaab achieves an important victory for her family.

From The Writers' Room

Legends and Legacies

How does a country-born commoner transform herself into the ruler of a duchy? Why would an unambitious man set out to remove one of the most powerful figures of the establishment?

From The Writers' Room

Dive into the inner workings of Lord Davenant

Do you remember when we first met Davenant? Diane noticed how handsome he was. He was charming. There was a little mutual flirting. He didn’t make your skin crawl, or sound any warning bells in the depths of your subconscious. How do you feel about Davenant now? Davenant is very intelligent. He’s excellent at any game, be it Chasse or Social Graces, or Getting Away With [Spoilers]. He loves a challenge and he hates to lose…and that’s what makes him a little stupid (that special kind of profound stupidity found in people who are a bit too aware of their intelligence). He can’t back down, even when common sense dictates that he should. Rather than focusing on what’s important, Davenant can and will get distracted by an opponent who forgets their place within his understanding of the hierarchy of power. Watch Davenant playing cards with Micah. It amuses him to let her win. Why not? He believes she is still...Read More >

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If Tessa Gratton could be any Tremontaine character…

Here is a confession that surprises everyone I tell it to: if I were a character on Tremontaine, I’d be Rafe.

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New Episode: Tremontaine S3E11 “Dragon Rampant”

Micah helps protect the students at Rafe’s school.

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New Episode: Tremontaine S3E10 “A Blur of Bright Water”

Tess seeks revenge against Florian but is thwarted.

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New Episode: Tremontaine S3E9 “Sword and Spirit”

Davenant takes drastic action when he realizes how Diane got her hands on his ledger.

Team-Writing in the World of Tremontaine

Delia: As soon as the Mighty Brain Trust that is the Tremontaine Summit, Plotting, and Deli Nosh Weekend came to the decision that most of Episode 7 of Season 3 should be set in the ducal hunting lodge at the dark midnight of the year, my eyes met Liz’s across the living room. We both knew, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that Episode 7 Must Be Ours. It was the obvious practical choice—structurally, it makes sense for guest authors to pop in mid-season, when the plot arc has been firmly established by the staff writers, and preferably in an episode that differed in tone, focus, or setting from the rest. Which is pretty much Episode 7 in a structural nutshell. But that’s not why we wanted it and no other. No, not at all. Liz: On the one hand, we were instantly attracted to the delicious compactness of getting a lot of characters into a country house for a...Read More >

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New Episode: Tremontaine S3E8 “Behind the Mask”

On Esha’s advice, Diane speaks to Lionel about the future of their relationship.

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New Episode: Tremontaine S3E7 “Into the Woods”

Diane hosts a hunting party outside of the city that provides an opportunity to manipulate her relationships as well as those of her associates.

From The Writers' Room

Building Layers of Tension and a Bonus Cut Scene

I’ll begin with a confession: This is the only episode of both seasons I’ve worked on Tremontaine that I’ve not enjoyed writing. Even in season two when I murdered Arthur, though I avoided the moment, mourning the poor kid, writing that episode was exciting, fun, and I reveled when that moment finally came. Though S3:E6 has several character moments I wanted to write (Esha and Reza meeting, Rafe taking Reza on a swordsman hunt), when I was working on it, from outline to first draft, I couldn’t quite enjoy it. I also believe that if a writer is bored or uninterested in a scene, that comes through on the page and readers will sense it I told myself over and over to cut myself some slack because the same month this episode was due, I was going through some intensive final revisions for one of my novels, and that was eating all the joy from my life. That’s definitely true,...Read More >

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