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New Episode: False Idols S1E4 “Stolen Treasures”

Layla’s admiration for her boss, Agent Pierce, has dimmed a little after the older woman didn’t answer Layla’s calls, leaving Layla in a tight situation.

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On Crafting International Intrigue (Or, How I Broke TripAdvisor)

In real life, when I’m not writing, I love to travel, though I suspect I’m a lousy travel companion. This is because I’m never really not writing. I write international mysteries / thrillers. My first three books were set in Japan, Ecuador, and Turkey, respectively. I’m always looking at my surroundings with my radar up for danger. I’m looking for trouble around every corner and down every alley – or at least a book idea lurking somewhere in the shadows. I’m never fully relaxed. And nothing inspires me like travel. That’s partly what drew me to working on False Idols – the chance to write about more international settings. If I’m not able to visit a location for research, I’m frequently combing travel guides and websites with that same eye for intrigue. A marketplace or a festival? Great! How could I propel a high-speed chase scene through it? Pretty sunset over the river? No time to enjoy it! A yacht...Read More >

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New Episode: False Idols S1E3 “Who Do You Think You Are?”

In an attempt to ramp up her investigation, Layla starts working as a translator at the Rothkopf Gallery.

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New Episode: False Idols S1E2 “The Glass Slipper”

Layla zeroes in on her targets, but it hardly feels like FBI work.

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Series Premiere: False Idols S1E1 “Operation Cairo”

At an elegant soiree organized for her benefit—so she can meet the players in Cairo’s expensive art scene

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