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Revisting Fan Favorite ReMade in Podcast Form

As you know, we love serial fiction. Really love it. A lot. I mean, helping writers build gripping, meaningful serials is what we do every day. But we’re also obsessed with audio. And you are too — audio listening on Serial Box increased more than 150% this summer.

Serial Box has been producing audio versions for every episode of our serials since day one — allowing fans to toggle easily between reading & listening, depending on what fits your needs best.

We want your experience to be as immersive as possible, even when you’re on a crowded train or running past a construction site. After all, there’s no reason why an audiobook in 2017 needs to sound the same as an audiobook from 1997.

We decided to revisit a fan favorite, adding a little something extra in the process.

Dying is just the beginning for them. They will be remade together in a mysterious, abandoned world, hunted by killer machines. Each of them finally has what they always wanted – but at what cost?

Taking the original episodes from ReMade‘s season one we upped the ante a bit. By adding sound environments, ambient noise, and music behind our narrators we created a more engrossing listening experience. Many of you have told us that you enjoy listening to episodes during your commute, while working out, or running errands, and maximizing both the quality and the experience was our key focus.

We partnered with the amazingly talented folks at podcast production studio & distribution network, The Podglomerate — responsible for five-star podcasts like The Feast, presenting delectable stories from the dining tables of history, and +7 Intelligence, where guests chat about how games impact people.

Working with Podglomerate we…remade ReMade. (Yep, I went there.)

That’s right, ReMade‘s season one is now a free podcast! Bring your friends along as we take the Serial Box listening experience to another level.

The first two episodes of the ReMade podcast will be available on October 2nd, with new episodes releasing every Monday and Thursday. Listeners following along via TuneIn podcasts will get to enjoy each episode a week before it’s released to the public, so be sure to find us over there for your exclusive early listening enjoyment!

If you missed out on anything from ReMade season one, don’t miss out on this opportunity to catch-up for ReMade season two, launching November 15th!


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