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Parker Peevyhouse’s Wish List for ‘The 100’ Season 4

Warning: post contains spoilers for The 100 Season 3

Here at Serial Box, one of our greatest loves is the episodic form. Be it in serials, TV shows, podcasts, web series, or anything else – we get excited for good stories, delivered in perfectly crafted slices. This is why we invite creator friends to stop by our blog and tell us about episodic things they love – and today that friend is Parker Peevyhouse! Her mind-bending novel Where Futures End released earlier this year and we are delighted she was able to stop by to talk to us about one of her favorite shows, The 100! Read on below for her thoughts on the upcoming season, and info on her thrilling book.

51k4-nnzl-_sx328_bo1204203200_Five teens.

     Five futures.

          Two worlds.

               One ending.

 One year from now, Dylan develops a sixth sense that allows him to glimpse another world.

Ten years from now, Brixney must get more hits on her social media feed or risk being stuck in a debtors’ colony.

Thirty years from now, Epony scrubs her entire online profile from the web and goes “High Concept.”

Sixty years from now, Reef struggles to survive in a city turned virtual gameboard.

And more than a hundred years from now, Quinn uncovers the alarming secret that links them all. 
Five people, divided by time, will determine the fate of us all. These are stories of a world bent on destroying itself, and of the alternate world that might be its savior–unless it’s too late.

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Like a nuclear apocalypse, a new season of The 100 is imminent. After enduring the torture of watching beloved characters make terrible decisions in Season 3 (ug, Bad Bellamy), I’m eager to see Clarke and co. return to more sympathetic roles in Season 4. The recent panel at ComicCon revealed a lot of doom-flavored details about the new challenges our characters will soon face, which has left me with Thoughts about what I’d like to see from the core members of the original 100. Spoilers for Season 3 ahead…

What we know: Our ruthless leader will wrestle with the decision of whether to tell her people that in six short months, a host of nuclear reactors will do what all reactors do in futuristic scenarios–melt down–and the surface of the earth will be treated to near-total irradiation.

What I want: Clarke will probably need to step down from her cloud, stop playing God, and let people participate in decisions that, you know, determine their fate. Apparently, a limited number of people will be able to escape nuclear disaster by traveling to an island that will be one of the few habitable spots left on the earth–and I don’t think Clarke should be the one who decides who lives or dies. I’m guessing that we’ll also see her get into a rocky romance with Ice Guy, and I really hope that doesn’t end with one of them screwing over the other’s people by denying them access to whatever survival plan is brewing, because really, we’ve seen that plot too many times now. A humbler-but-still-clever Clarke is at the top of my wish list.


What we know: After contributing to the death of his sister’s One True Love in Season 3, Bellamy will work to earn Octavia’s forgiveness while struggling with feeling worthy to survive the coming irradiation.

What I want: Bellamy is cute when he’s brooding, but I need to see him regain some agency after we’ve watched him forced into the role of obedient soldier for both Clarke (in Season 2) and Pike (in Season 3). Certainly, he’ll want to fight for Octavia to have place on whatever vessel is headed toward Conveniently Habitable Island, and it would be fun to see him do something a little underhanded to achieve this goal. But I’m guessing that if he really wants to regain respect from Octavia, this will backfire, and she will hate him more. Sounds fun, carry on.

What we know: Killing Pike wasn’t enough to fill the Lincoln-shaped hole in O’s heart, so O will continue down a dark path of violence and vengeance.

What I want: Can we just continue to use O to kill off characters who annoy us? (I have a list.) Also, the more people O kills, the fewer people who have to fight for a spot on USS Contingency, so that’s convenient. But seriously–if we know O’s victims only have a few months of life left for them anyway, the tension is kind of shot for any plot involving a vengeance spree. I hope O’s warrior rampage will connect directly to the 100’s survival’s efforts… like, by making them more complicated.

What we know: A.L.I.E. has apparently left some of herself behind after possessing Raven, Poltergeist-style, which translates into a super-smart, super-strong Raven for Season 4.

What I want: Since Raven has special access to Becca’s codes, she will certainly be the one who knows where Deus Ex Island is located and how to get people there. This pretty much makes her the new, de facto leader, right? But an all-powerful, survive-at-all-costs leader would be boring. So I’d like to see Raven wrestle with her conscience and make her information about Survival Island widely known as opposed to sharing it only with the people she hopes to save. This would pit her against anyone with blind loyalties to Sky People, which should make for some fun conflict.


What we know: Only that he is generally intent on surviving by any means.

What I want: Murphy’s character keeps getting softer as the series continues, and I actually wouldn’t mind seeing Murphy do something a tiny bit selfless so that he can continue to surprise me (and, I’ll admit it, steal my heart). But the fun in Murphy’s character is that he gets into the sh*ttiest of situations and still manages to slither out of trouble. So I’m looking forward to watching him do the worst kind of sneaky shenanigans to get onto a lifeboat (maybe he can even team up to plot with Bellamy) while every character on the show makes it nearly impossible for him to do so.

Jasper and Monty

What we know: Nothing.

What I want: Happy times. Please. Every effort to make these two more complex just makes me more miserable (ack, why would you have a character kill his own mother??). And I’m not keen to see Monty get chained to a computer again (seriously, Season 1, why did you make that boy stay inside while everyone else got to go out and play?). So we can just have these guys do something fun or funny or friend-y? Or maybe they can have a Neville-with-the-sword-of-Gryffindor moment?

It sounds like we’ll have to wait until maybe February to find out what’s truly in store for these kids, but in the meantime, what roles are you hoping the 100 will take on in Season 4?

parker-peevyhouseParker Peevyhouse can usually be found watching science fiction movies and TV shows, playing board games, and hunting down weird reads. Her first novel, Where Futures End (Penguin/Dawson, February 2016), links five teens over a span of one hundred years, as they use a little-understood power to connect with an alternate universe that just might be the only hope for saving our world. It has been featured on such websites as EntertainmentWeekly.com, Barnes and Noble Teen Blog, io9.com, and in Glitter Magazine.

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