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New Episode: Tremontaine S3E5 “Every Face a Forgery”

As Kaab takes over her aunt’s role, Diane deals with the aftermath of the burglary at Tremontaine House.

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Plotting Fiction with Ian Tregillis

If you already have the book, or part of it, in mind (and it sounds like you do!) then you probably already know a little bit about what happens inside it.

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New Episode: Tremontaine S3E4 “Night of the Flames”

As the city celebrates, Micah witnesses as a crime.

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Series Premiere: The Fisher of Bones “Naming”

Join the outcasts on their journey.

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When Having Trouble with a Scene

I want to take this opportunity to apologize to my collaborators for the terror I regularly put them through. Tessa, Karen, Paul, and Racheline are deeply, deeply responsible writers and would no sooner think of turning in an unfinished draft than they would, I don’t know, eat a baby. I, on the other hand, think babies are delicious, especially medium-well. Which means that I turn in unfinished drafts far more often than I know I wish I did, and far more often than I’m quite certain they wish I did. Part of the problem is that, when I’m having trouble with a scene, I end up just leaving a lot of place markers in the text—essentially, my drafts are filled with “WRITE THIS PART LATER.” Mostly, I do this when I know that a sentence or paragraph calls for something that will be difficult for me to think of, and rather than stop in my tracks for ten minutes to...Read More >

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ReMade Season 2 Sweepstakes!

Enjoying the season 1 ReMade podcast? ReMade season 2 is right around the corner and to celebrate we’re having a sweepstakes! Serial Box is happy to offer you a chance to win one of FIVE pairs of season passes for the upcoming new season of ReMade! That’s right, the five lucky winners will receive a season pass for themselves and one for a friend. To enter, simply subscribe to the Serial Box newsletter! Email Address * * indicates required Sweepstakes rules and conditions.

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In Praise of Minor Characters

I write dialogue by eavesdropping on my characters. When you know a character, you can hear their voice in your head...

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New Episode: Tremontaine S3E3 “The Bridge”

Kaab realizes Saabim was murdered, but finding the culprit will take time.

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Ellen Kushner Joins the Reader-Side of Riverside

Suffice it to say that, after the Tremontaine writing team’s usual intense weekend Season Brainstorm last winter, I wrote my Episode 1 and then bowed out...

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New Episode: Tremontaine S3E2 “The Siege of Riverside”

When Riverside comes under siege, Tess is forced into a leadership role, working to keep the truth about Vincent from Reza as he helps her deal with the crisis.

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New Episode: Tremontaine S3E1 “Ambition”

Duchess Diane Tremontaine, the crowning gem of her city’s high class, sits in her manor’s window on The Hill and looks over her domain with eyes that cut and a mind that schemes.

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New Episode Bookburners S3E13: The Finale “Live in London”

The Bookburners thought they had seen some strange things in their time, but as they watch London become a hellscape, its own buildings rising up and rampaging through the streets, they realize it’s only going to get stranger from here on out.

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