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Series Premiere – 1776: The World Turned Upside Down, “January”

A failed corset-maker, fired from his second career as a tax collector, Thomas Paine could never seem to do anything right—until he published a pamphlet that would become the first ‘call to action’ in the American Revolution: Common Sense

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Series Premiere: False Idols S1E1 “Operation Cairo”

At an elegant soiree organized for her benefit—so she can meet the players in Cairo’s expensive art scene

1776 May Episode

Another Log on the Fire: The Quebec Act

In June 1774 Parliament stumbled again, further showing how badly it misread the Americans.

1776 May Episode

The birth of a blistering pen of a youth named Alexander Hamilton.

A series of bills that became known as the Coercive Acts passed whereby the Crown appointed the Massachusetts Assembly instead of being locally elected. Sheriffs would control juries, trials could be held in England where juries were friendlier, and only one town meeting a year was permissible.

1776 May Episode

A Brief Primer on the ‘Cursed’ Tea

Tea had not been imported by the colonies until 1720, but by the 1760s some one million pounds were being consumed annually, most of it a black tea from the Bohea Hills of China. Tea was an easily smuggled item, stuffed in here and there among the hogsheads and barrels.

1776 May Episode

”We cannot be happy without being free…”

“We cannot be happy without being free," he wrote, "that we cannot be free, without being secure in our property; that we cannot be secure in our property, if, without our consent, others may, as by right, take it away; that taxes imposed on us by Parliament do thus take it away."

1776 May Episode

“A new nation, feeling itself wealthy, populous and strong…”

The colonies had been children, and were now restless adolescents, rapidly coming of age. Parental Britain could ask for obedience, even expect it, but it was ever harder to demand it. It was simply not realistic to assume that a land of 2,500,000 people (Britain had about 10 million) would remain content as an exploitable natural resource forever.

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Series Finale: The Fisher of Bones “Arrival”

The outcasts have reached the Promised Land, but their trials are not over

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New Episode: ReMade S2E10 “Siege Mentality”

When the rescue team arrives at Sanctuary, there’s no time to catch up with old friends.

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What of the colonial take on the mother country?

With the debt of 129 million pounds hanging over Britain’s head and ongoing discord on the continent, Prime Minister George Grenville had to act. He was brave and stubborn as well as miserly, believing "a national savings of two inches of candle was worth more than all of Pitt's victories."

1776 May Episode

An Introduction to 1776: The World Turned Upside Down

In the 18th century, Britain was solidifying her reputation as a world empire, her American colonies being just one part. The Americans, generally, considered themselves Englishmen by law and by blood. They enjoyed a broad-based prosperity and freedom unknown in the mother country.

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New Episode: The Fisher of Bones “Recognition”

Ever since he survived the lightning strike, Marc’s faith in the Gods and their promises has only grown.

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