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Life finds a way ♻️🦖!

Whether it’s nostalgia, comfort, or just the insatiable desire for more of a beloved story, there’s something great about a sequel. In the broader media world, especially on TV, it can sometimes feel like we’re in a not-so-golden age of reboots, from Roseanne to Jurassic World to Queer Eye.

Serial NewsNew Episodes of A Most Dangerous Woman and Bookburners

Searching for purpose and chasing a killer | New episodes out this week!

Bookburners continues with the team searching for a new purpose after their previous mission is rendered impossible. And in A Most Dangerous Woman, new information about Margaret’s faked death gives a glimpse of her real killer.

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Are you listening? 🎧

Everyone talks about what makes a great summer read, but maybe it’s really about not having to read at all—at least with your eyes. Whether we’re road-tripping, hiking, or chilling out—or, let’s be honest, doing some late spring cleaning—we are, obviously, big fans of listening to great stories.

Get your push NotiFICTIONs on!

Push notifications. Not a term that typically strikes enthusiasm or inspiration in the heart of the average mobile user. But we here at Serial Box are all about expanding the horizons of what’s possible in the world of storytelling, no matter the medium or screen size.

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What do the Babadook, Waluigi, and Zelda all have in common? 🌈 🧐 🌈

As Pride Month draws to a close, we also want it to go out with a bang—of rainbow glitter confetti.

Serial News

Get ready for the 4th of July with 1776: The World Turned Upside Down

Who were the farmers and accountants, high-school dropouts and part-time soldiers, successful merchants and failed corset makers, who fought against the British empire for American Independence?

Serial News

New episodes! Bookburners Season 4 Episode 2: The Blood-Dimmed Tide, A Most Dangerous Woman Episode 5: A Canker of Suspicion, Born to the Blade Episode 10: Shattered Blades

This week, in the second episode of Bookburners Season 4, a surprise inheritance keeps the Bookburners guessing, everyone is a suspect in Episode 5 of A Most Dangerous Woman, and war spreads across the entire sky in Episode 10 of Born to the Blade.

Serial News

Bookburners Season 4 premiere! Plus 1776 June, A Most Dangerous Woman Episode 4: A Fresh Peril, Born to the Blade Episode 9: Assassination out this week

This week, Bookburners Season 4 premieres, we learn what happens in June 1776 in the newest episode of 1776: The World Turned Upside Down, an unexpected tragedy is a boon to Marian and Theo in Episode 4 of A Most Dangerous Woman, and there's a declaration and a revelation on Twaa-Fei in Episode 9 of Born to the Blade.

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Fandoms and Building Communities

This week we’re thinking about fandoms, about when fans turn into a force. Fandom can be an awesome kind of community, as well as a kind of collective power. But with great power comes, well, you know the rest.

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Storytelling and story-making

This week, we’re thinking about medium and storytelling, about the pros and cons of prose, images, audio, and more. When Malcolm Gladwell went on “CBS This Morning” recently, he said that when he was asked to teach a class on his writing process, he had to sit down and think, Well, how do I approach the task of writing? It’s a little bit like your surgeon stopping to say, Huh, how do I take out an appendix? But less scary, at least! Maybe Gladwell’s more of a storyteller than a writer, and books are just one way he’s found to reach his audience. He’s teaching that writing class, and now also making a hit podcast, “Revisionist History.” He said, “I think if you’re a writer, you have to start exploring other ways of reaching your audience… If I only write books, I feel I’ll lose contact with a large portion of the population.” Gladwell said he likes podcasting not just...Read More >

Serial NewsA Most Dangerous Woman series banner

Out this week! A Most Dangerous Woman Episode 2: The Winter of Our Discontent and Born to the Blade Episode 7: Dreadnought

Marian’s situation grows more dire in Episode 2 of A Most Dangerous Woman, and Twaa-Fei descends into suspicion and fear in Episode 7 of Born to the Blade.

Serial NewsA Most Dangerous Woman series banner

Out this week! A Most Dangerous Woman Episode 1: A New Journal and Born to the Blade Episode 6: Spiraling, and The Woman in White

This week, an adventure begins in Episode 1 of A Most Dangerous Woman, defeat is snatched from the jaws of victory in Episode 6 of Born to the Blade, and all of Wilkie Collins' The Woman in White is available to read for free.

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