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On this date in 1977, NASA launched the Voyager 1 space probe. Counterintuitively, Voyager 1 launched sixteen days after Voyager 2, but the two probes have close enough birthdays, all things considered, for us to think of them as twins.

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A prison visit | New episode out this week!

In Dead Air, Mackenzie heads to prison. Plus, a new micro story is published for Microfiction Monday!

From The Writers' Room

Tremontaine Season Three Writers Room Round-up

In a city that never was, sex scandal, and swordplay combine in deadly fashion. Enter a world inspired by Elizabethan London, 18th century Paris, and 1980s New York where your wit must be as sharp as your steel. Intrigue is afoot when a Duchess, a scholar, a swordswoman, and a genius, are brought together by long-buried lies and truths that cannot be denied.

From The Writers' Room

Tremontaine Season Two Writers Room Round-up

Welcome to Tremontaine, where ambition, love affairs, and rivalries dance with deadly results. In this serial, Ellen Kushner and a team of writers return readers to the world of scandal and swordplay introduced in her cult-classic novel Swordspoint. Readers familiar with the series will find a welcome homecoming while new fans will learn what makes Riverside a place they will want to visit again and again.

From The Writers' Room

Tremontaine Season One Writers Room Round-up!

Welcome to Tremontaine, the prequel to Ellen Kushner's beloved Riverside series that began with Swordspoint! A Duchess whose beauty is matched only by her cunning; her husband's dangerous affair with a handsome scholar; a foreigner in a playground of swordplay and secrets; and a mathematical genius whose discoveries herald revolution--when long-buried truths threaten long-held deceptions, betrayal know no bounds. Mind your manners and enjoy the chocolate in a dance of sparkling wit and political intrigue.

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A Happy Ending is Never Simple

We love refreshing takes on well-worn formulas, and these two movies are leading the charge where the rom-com is concerned.

Serial NewsNew Episodes: Dead Air and Bookburners

The Kentucky Derby and a season finale | New episodes out this week!

In Dead Air, Mackenzie heads to the Kentucky Derby. For research, of course. And in the season finale of Bookburners, the Engströms’ final play for power has deadly consequences. Plus, a new micro story is published for Microfiction Monday!

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The pen is mightier—and so much sharper—than the sword

Today would’ve been Dorothy Parker’s 125th birthday, and though the internet did not exist during her lifetime, listicle scribes sustain her legacy every August 22nd by collecting the acid-sharp literary barbs for which Parker was so famous.

Serial NewsDead Air Podcast art

Listen to the binge-worthy Dead Air podcast!

Check out Mackenzie’s podcast for a uniquely immersive experience. Does the truth lie in the serial, the podcast . . . or somewhere in-between?

Serial NewsNew Episodes: Dead Air and Bookburners

An impending attack and diving down the rabbit hole | New episodes out this week!

In Dead Air, Mackenzie's investigation gets messy. And in Bookburners, the team rushes to save the Vatican from impending disaster. Plus, a new micro story is published for Microfiction Monday!

Do androids dream of writing the great American novel? 🤖

Hi readers, Artificial intelligence isn’t just the stuff of sci-fi—it’s everywhere in our lives today, from natural disaster warnings to personality assessment to, well, almost everything that Google does. It’s not sentient robots (or a smartphone assistant you can really talk to)… yet. Instead, we’re talking machine learning, a kind of AI in which a computer “learns” how to do something by practice and iteration, or, in the case of neural networks, by being shown a large pool of examples, and extrapolating from there. A simple, practical kind of neural net learning is facial recognition. Instead of programmers needing to write an extensive set of instructions defining what a face is and isn’t, they can show a neural net thousands of images of faces, and the computer extrapolates from there. You’ve probably seen neural nets doing much less dignified work on Twitter, where they’re a favorite of amateur programmers and jokesters. You can ask a neural net to generate Goop...Read More >

Serial NewsSerial art for 1776 and Bookburners

The real George Washington and trying not to repeat mistakes | New episodes out this week!

Bookburners continues with the team return to the scene of an old failure . . . and try their best not to repeat their previous mistakes. In 1776 August, we meet the real George Washington. Plus, a new micro story is published for Microfiction Monday!

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