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Advice from Max Gladstone on Writing Episodically

Serial fiction is a wonderful weird beast, and hasn’t been the dominant medium of fiction for a while—but whether we realize it or not, we have a ton of experience with serial storytelling to be drawn upon when we come to write serials.

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Margaret Dunlap on writing Bookburners S3E11: “Crossing Over”

But while the members of Team Three dash around the world (and beyond it) as a matter of course, the most traveling I generally do for the series is an annual flight east for our story summits. I thought it was cool that Andrea had done to research to reference a real artifact, but I figured a picture on the Internet would be the extent of my involvement with the Punic Egg. I didn’t think I’d actually, you know, lay eyes on the damn thing. Until this summer, when where should I find myself but… London

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What Are the Most Rewarding and Challenging Aspects of Co-writing?

Co-writing a story has a number of benefits, but does come with its challenges, as well. You and your co-writer(s) must be clear on your process, expectations, and goals up front in order to weave your story together.

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Andrea Phillips on writing Bookburners S3E10: “Into the Woods”

The original concept for this episode as proposed ( me) during the summit was “Spooky Forest.”

Serial News

New Episode Bookburners S3E10 “Into the Woods”

This is the 10th episode in the third season of Bookburners, a 13-episode serial from Serial Box Publishing. This episode written by Andrea Phillips.

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How is Technology Changing the Way People Consume Literature?

One of the main impacts technology has had on society and culture in general is breaking down boundaries, making it both easier and harder to find things that were previously obscure. And I think that’s as true with literature as it is with anything else.

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Revisting Fan Favorite ReMade in Podcast Form

As you know, we love serial fiction. Really love it. A lot. I mean, helping writers build gripping, meaningful serials is what we do every day. But we're also obsessed with audio. And you are too -- audio listening on Serial Box increased more than 150% this summer.

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Brian Francis Slattery on writing Bookburners S3E9: “Homecoming”

At this stage in writing Bookbuners, each of us on the writing team has a particular kind of episode that we’re considered to be good at.

Serial News

New Episode Bookburners S3E9 “Homecoming”

This is the 9th episode in the third season of Bookburners, a 13-episode serial from Serial Box Publishing. This episode written by Brian Francis Slattery.

Just For Fun

What roles can SciFi and Fantasy play in a world becoming more fantastical all the time?

In a world that’s becoming more fantastical, and science fictional, by day, it’s sometimes tempting to ask, what’s the point of science fiction or fantasy?

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Jane by Margaret Dunlap

"--Jane?" I had heard Rob's question. It's just that while I was in the middle of performing CPR in the back of an ambulance on a patient who had been very stable until he had all of a sudden up and crashed, I wasn't going to stop and answer it. It was a stupid question anyway. Not that that stopped Rob from repeating it.

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Max Gladstone on How to Create Characters Who Feel Real.

When you’re inundated with writing advice, especially in plot-driven genres, it’s easy to pare down your characters to their role in the plot. The mentor becomes sort of mentor-y, the sidekick sidekick-ish.

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