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Tessa Gratton on writing Tremontaine S1E11: “In The Shadow of Riverside”

When it comes to murder, there's a lot to be thought of.

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New Episode! Tremontaine S2E11: “In The Shadow of Riverside”

Vincent is forced into a confrontation; Kaab offers Diane an opportunity.

Serial Newsnine-duels-banner

Nine Duels: a Tremontaine Story

An original story of Vincent Applethorpe, and what came before.

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Joel Derfner on writing Tremontaine S2E10: “The Coming Night”

Be very careful when you write stories that contain barnyard animals.

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Kiersten White on writing ReMade E15: “The End of the Beginning”

We get by with a little help from our friends.

The One Withhannibal-header

Tessa Gratton and The One With the Murder Family

On the intentional beauty of a show about serial killers.

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Season Finale! ReMade E15: “The End of the Beginning”

Alarms ring out as the group starts a new journey.

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New Episode! Tremontaine S2E10: “The Coming Night”

Diane offers Rafe a deal as Kaab attempts to bargain with Tess.

A Bowl of Questionsthe-girl-with-the-red-balloon

Questions and Answers (and Cats!) with Katherine Locke

Self described as a cat herder and lady knight, we've been a fan of Katherine's for some time - and hope you are too!

Weekly Munchieskobo-header

This Monday, visit a Lost City with some Dancing Canadians!

And watch a compilation video of Heartwarming Moments that happened in 2016 because this year might have been trash barrel fire, but at least some good stuff happened.

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Matthew Cody on writing ReMade E14: “The Slow Fade”

Okay, the Holden thing. Let’s get into that.

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Tessa Gratton on writing Tremontaine S2E9: “The Heart a Liability”

Look I know everybody wants to hear about Vincent and Reza...

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