This American House

What is America about? Where can we find it? What is the root of our commitment to self-government? To individual liberty? Are we connected with our forebears? These are large questions, and I don’t have large answers. But I do have an experience that brought me a lot closer to them. About a year ago, I moved from New York to Massachusetts. My wife and I chose to live in Concord, even though we are not working there. That wasn’t the most practical decision, but still, it made some sense. Concord is breathtakingly beautiful. It is also historic. It’s where the Revolutionary War started on April 19, 1775, when about seven hundred British soldiers were given what they thought were secret orders—to destroy colonial military supplies being held in Concord. That’s where our nation started to be born. Know the phrase, “the shot heard ’round the world”? If you’d asked me before 2017, I would have said, with complete confidence,...Read More >

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New Episode – 1776: The World Turned Upside Down, “February”

They would eventually come together to form the United States of America, but at the start of 1776, there wasn’t really a ‘typical’ American colonist.

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New Episode: False Idols S1E4 “Stolen Treasures”

Layla’s admiration for her boss, Agent Pierce, has dimmed a little after the older woman didn’t answer Layla’s calls, leaving Layla in a tight situation.

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Season Finale: ReMade S2E14 “Brave New Girl”

Seyah misses her family—who wouldn’t?

From The Writers' Room

On Crafting International Intrigue (Or, How I Broke TripAdvisor)

In real life, when I’m not writing, I love to travel, though I suspect I’m a lousy travel companion. This is because I’m never really not writing. I write international mysteries / thrillers. My first three books were set in Japan, Ecuador, and Turkey, respectively. I’m always looking at my surroundings with my radar up for danger. I’m looking for trouble around every corner and down every alley – or at least a book idea lurking somewhere in the shadows. I’m never fully relaxed. And nothing inspires me like travel. That’s partly what drew me to working on False Idols – the chance to write about more international settings. If I’m not able to visit a location for research, I’m frequently combing travel guides and websites with that same eye for intrigue. A marketplace or a festival? Great! How could I propel a high-speed chase scene through it? Pretty sunset over the river? No time to enjoy it! A yacht...Read More >

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New Episode: ReMade S2E13 “Actus Reus”

Cole is clearly dangerous, both to himself and everyone else, but what’s to be done with him?

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New Episode: False Idols S1E3 “Who Do You Think You Are?”

In an attempt to ramp up her investigation, Layla starts working as a translator at the Rothkopf Gallery.

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New Episode: ReMade S2E12 “Toward the Light”

Reeling from Umta’s death, the teens try to regroup.

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New Episode: False Idols S1E2 “The Glass Slipper”

Layla zeroes in on her targets, but it hardly feels like FBI work.

“Let us separate, they are unworthy to be our Breathren.”

This time the embargo was really working, even at the household level where Abigail Adams and her sister Mary Cranch brewed their Liberty “tea” from purple loosestrife and refused to purchase English calico and chintz.

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New Episode: ReMade S2E11 “Different Boats”

Cole has always felt a little apart from the rest of the teens—no one else lost a child when they died.

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Series Premiere – 1776: The World Turned Upside Down, “January”

A failed corset-maker, fired from his second career as a tax collector, Thomas Paine could never seem to do anything right—until he published a pamphlet that would become the first ‘call to action’ in the American Revolution: Common Sense

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