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Out this week! A Most Dangerous Woman Episode 2: The Winter of Our Discontent and Born to the Blade Episode 7: Dreadnought

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This week, Marian’s situation grows more dire in Episode 2 of A Most Dangerous Woman, and Twaa-Fei descends into suspicion and fear in Episode 7 of Born to the Blade.

A Most Dangerous Woman

In Brenda Clough’s deliciously authentic sequel to Wilkie Collins’ The Woman in White,  Marian Halcolmbe finds and marries her true love, Theo Camlet. But when Theo’s first wife, who everyone believed to be dead, reappears, Marian and her brother in law Walter must delve into the darkest and most dangerous corners of London to save Theo from accusations of bigamy and murder, as well as the hangman’s noose.

Episode 2: The Winter of Our Discontent

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Distraught following an unthinkable calamity, Marian heads back to Limmeridge House, doubting everything she thought she knew about her husband. She settles into a deep despair. But when Theo arrives to plead his case, she must ask herself whether he’s the villain he appears to be—or the man she loves.

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Though you don’t need to read The Woman in White in order to enjoy A Most Dangerous Woman, you can also now read all of Wilkie Collin’s classic novel for free.

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Born to the Blade

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Youth. Ambition. Power. Oda no Michiko and Kris Denn have much of the first two, and crave the last. To get it, all they must do is survive.

Episode 7: Dreadnought by Cassandra Khaw

The ties that bind the careful peace of Twaa-Fei are snapping one by one. Friendships new and old are being shattered by tension, suspicion, and outright warmongering among the nations of the sky. The drums of war are beginning to beat so loud that no one can hear anything else. Kris Denn, the warder for Rumika, has discovered that the man they thought was their friend, Adechike Ekutu, the Quloi junior warder, has been keeping dossiers on all the important figures on Twaa-Fei — including Kris. But Kris violated Adechike’s privacy to do so, and when they go to Warder Ojo Kante of Quloo, who is also Adechike’s uncle, Ojo turns cold and then bests Kris in a duel. Oda no Michiko, the junior warder for Kakute, finds herself suddenly elevated to senior warder when her boss cryptically resigns, then vanishes. And a massive Quloo warship has appeared in the neutral skies over Twaa-Fei, provoking an angry response from, well, everyone.

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