Serial News Featuring A Most Dangerous Woman, Born to the Blade

Out this week! A Most Dangerous Woman Episode 1: A New Journal and Born to the Blade Episode 6: Spiraling, and The Woman in White

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This week, an adventure begins in Episode 1 of A Most Dangerous Woman, and defeat is snatched from the jaws of victory in Episode 6 of Born to the Blade. Plus, all of Wilkie Collins’ classic mystery The Woman in White is now available to read for free!

A Most Dangerous Woman

In Brenda Clough’s deliciously authentic sequel to Wilkie Collins’ The Woman in White,  Marian Halcolmbe finds and marries her true love, Theo Camlet. But when Theo’s first wife, who everyone believed to be dead, reappears, Marian and her brother in law Walter must delve into the darkest and most dangerous corners of London to save Theo from accusations of bigamy and murder, as well as the hangman’s noose.

Episode 1: A New Journal

Episode 1: A New Journal cover

Marian’s sister Laura has always seemed to know her better than Marian knows herself, so when she gives Marian a new journal and urges her to find her own joy in life, Marian doesn’t intentionally ignore her advice. It’s just that she’s so comfortable, and she truly does love her sister’s family. But when change walks into her life unexpectedly, she finds that she might just be ready to embrace it, after all.

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The Woman in White

The Woman in White

After encountering a mysterious woman dressed in white, a young man is pulled into a plot where nothing is as it seems. Full of love and deception, madness and machinations, The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins thrilled readers when it was first serialized in 1859, and its moody atmosphere, exploration of women’s rights, and twisty plot make it just as exciting and relevant today. Serial Box is proud to present this classic novel—one of the first mysteries ever written—for in written digital form.

Though you don’t need to read The Woman in White in order to enjoy A Most Dangerous Woman, you can now read all of Wilkie Collin’s classic novel for free.

Born to the Blade

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Youth. Ambition. Power. Oda no Michiko and Kris Denn have much of the first two, and crave the last. To get it, all they must do is survive.

Episode 6: Spiraling by Marie Brennan

It had all seemed so simple. The alliance and trade deal struck between the sky nations of Rumika and Quloo would enrich one and save the other from certain disaster. Instead, the first convoy of magical aerstone from Rumika has been destroyed, leaving Quloo desperate and everyone pointing fingers. The friendship of Ojo Kante, the warder for Quloo, and Kris Denn, the warder for Rumika, is hanging by a thread. They are scouring the neutral sky city of Twaa-Fei for answers even as their superiors grow seemingly eager for war. And Oda no Michiko, the junior warder for Kakute who is struggling to decide if she should serve her empire or her ancestors, is on the case as well. In a powderkeg where every nation has a motive and pirates and secret factions are rampant, there are too many questions and precious little time to stop the fragile peace from blowing sky high.

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