Serial News Featuring The Witch Who Came In From the Cold

New Episode! The Witch Who Came In From The Cold S2E8: “What’s Gone, What’s Left Behind”

witch-s02e08The Cold War gets magical when spies brush shoulders with sorcerers in this genre-defying serial created by Lindsay Smith and Max Gladstone.

This is the 8th episode in the second season of The Witch Who Came In From The Cold, a 13-episode serial from Serial Box Publishing. This episode written by Max Gladstone.

Carefully laid plans hit explosive roadblocks as Ice, Flame, CIA, and KGB all meet at the docks of the Vltava. Tanya’s efforts for Zerena bear fruit, though their value is debatable. Alestair and Nadia grow closer. Edith and Josh see something they won’t soon forget.

Welcome to Prague, 1970: the epicenter in a Cold War of spies and sorcerers. The streets are a deadly chessboard on which the CIA and KGB make their moves, little dreaming that a deeper game is being played between the Consortium of Ice and the Acolytes of Flame, ancient factions of sorcery.

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