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New Episode – 1776: The World Turned Upside Down, “April”

1776 May Episode

This is the 4th episode of 1776: The World Turned Upside Down, a 12-episode serial by Serial Box  in partnership with The Associated Press.

The infant colonial navy meets the mighty Brits. Life on the briny in the 18th c. offered a mean existence along with the tantalizing hope of riches.  And entertainments on land for hard-working, hard-drinking colonials: cards, billiards, cock-fights, and sermons, too.

They were farmers and accountants, high-school dropouts and part-time soldiers, successful merchants and failed corset makers.  Yet together they stood together and fought the greatest empire the world had ever known, all for a brand-new idea: America.

A month by month immersive historical account of the Revolution in its first year, this series of twelve installments is unique in its focus on the lives of ordinary colonists and the more personal stories of now famous figures. Through informal and playful storytelling about the events in each month, the series explores the roots of America’s successes and many struggles. We see the beginnings of regional disputes and differences, institutional inequality and oppression, the tension between cultural heritage versus assimilation, and the struggle between states’ rights and federal government, all through the eyes of colonists and militiamen

The audio series is narrated by Robin Miles with a variety of guest voices including Hamilton star Chris Jackson as George Washington. Installments are being released in synchronized ebook and audio monthly installments from Serial Box throughout 2018.

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