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New Episode: False Idols S1E4 “Stolen Treasures”

High society. Higher stakes.

Layla’s admiration for her boss, Agent Pierce, has dimmed a little after the older woman didn’t answer Layla’s calls, leaving Layla in a tight situation. Layla knows she needs to set that aside, though—their investigation is heating up, and they can’t afford to put the brakes on. Together, Layla and Pierce make a plan to find out what Bennett Rothkopf is really selling, and whether it’s above board. But when Layla accidentally discovers Pierce’s deepest secret, the entire operation might be in jeopardy.

This is the 4th episode in the first season of False Idols, an 11-episode serial from Serial Box Publishing. This episode written by Diana Renn.

Layla el-Deeb left Egypt for good eleven years ago, after a childhood spent in Cairo’s slums. Now she’s a language expert for the FBI…and she’s right back where she started, in Cairo, investigating a terrorist organization that’s funding its activities through fraudulent art sales. But this isn’t the Cairo she knew. She’s landed right in the middle of the city’s glittering elite, whose dealings in the art world may be the key to infiltrating the terrorist network. Undercover in the place she was born, trying to fit in with the city’s high rollers, Layla is a stranger in every way—even to herself.

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