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New Episode: Royally Yours S1E3 “The Milliners”

This is the 3rd episode in the first season of Royally Yours, a 6-episode serial from Serial Box. This episode written by K.M. Jackson.

American Milliner Tracy is about to have her big break as a fashionable Princess plans to wear her design to the wedding, but when she learns that another princess plans to wear an almost identical hat made by Tracy’s former boss and arch nemesis, she knows her design has been stolen and her big break might just disappear. Reluctantly she accepts the help of her former flame and nemesis’ assistant, Jeremy. Together they break into his boss’ studio and get down to more than stitching. But will their masterpiece reach the princess in time? And was Jeremy involved in his boss’ deception all along?

One day. Five couples. The most anticipated wedding in the world.

But this story’s not about the bride and groom, the dukes and duchesses, this story is about the palace maid with a heart of gold, the milliner who dreams of seeing her designs adorn the pews, the American bodyguard who learns some British charm, the paparazzo after that one great shot, and the ordinary girl who dreams of being a princess.

Rumors of a missing bride threaten to ruin the day, but nothing can stop the romance running rampant on the streets of London the day before the royal wedding.

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