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New Episode! Bookburners Season 2, Episode 2: “Webs”

Through a door and down the rabbit hole.

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With the Orb broken and magic on the rise, the Bookburners look for new answers in old places. Hoping for clues from the Society’s defunct experimentation branch, Asanti leads her team through the long-locked door of Team Four’s lair – and straight into a mystery of Escher-ian proportions.

This episode is brought to you by Andrea Phillips, who might be new to Bookburners, but knows her way around a wonderland.


Did you think the episode was awesome, really awesome, or really-really awesome? Give us your hot take in the comments below!

  • E.C. Myers

    I’m so glad BOOKBURNERS is back, and it’s better than ever! The first two episodes are great so far, showing how much the team has changed and is still changing after last season. I’m especially happy that Asanti is becoming more active in the group; it seems appropriate for the librarian to have a major role. (But, I’m also a little worried about her. I don’t want to guess too much about what’s in store for her, but now that she’s getting deeper into magic and has an assistant… Well, I have a bad feeling about this.)

    As the cast of Team Three grows, it’s also nice to see new writers join the mix. This episode was engrossing and surprisingly funny. I’m looking forward to seeing more from Andrea and guest writer, Amal!

    And I’m already impatient for next week’s episode from Brian—one of the drawbacks to following along week to week instead of bingeing. I’m looking forward to whatever creepy thing he’s dreamed up this time.

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