Weekly Munchies

This Monday, visit a Lost City with some Dancing Canadians!

File under: “Oh hey, that’s cool” – Penguin Random House has rolled out a new service for personalized book recommendations called the Penguin Hotline.


A fan of space, fine prints, and good design? Pop Chat Lab has created this beauty: A poster showing the entire history of space exploration.


This video of the Maritime Bhangra Group dancing through the Canadian winter is warming our hearts this cold morning.


Did you know that a thousand years ago North American contained a city larger in scope and population than Paris, that was eventually completely abandoned? Well it did! Learn more about Cahokia and the next time someone says “America has no history” please poke them in the eye.


CNN made a compilation video of Heartwarming Moments from 2016 and we’re not crying…we just have some dust in our eyes…


Get yourself learnt: Why humans (and other large animals) shrink when they live on islands.


This story of a bunch of people coming together to help a boy with autism get a cup he can drink out of is basically restoring our faith in humanity. #CupforBen


Ah the age old battle of the nerds: Star Wars vs. Star Trek. We’re not choosing sides – choosing instead to giggle about this video.


Here is a roundup of the Year’s Best Movie Posters according to Rotten Tomatoes because this year might have sucked but at least there was some good media.


That feeling when you’re trying to see when the cookies will be done but you are a lamp.

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