Weekly Munchies

Monday Links: The Only-Happy-Or-Funny-Things-Allowed edition

Behold! The most wonderful time of the year has arrived: the annual Hater’s Guide to the Williams-Sonoma Catalog.


This Twitter story of a comic book store clerk helping a “baby gay” will warm your heart.


Quirk Books made up some “Letters to Santa From Fictional Characters” because it’s christmas and they are a publisher so just read them already and feel bookish and festive and jolly.


This #RealTalk video from @ILLCapitano94 about the trouble with writing empowering female characters with no women in the writer’s room is everything. #BringInTheWalrus


We just discovered Voxel Art (3-dimensional pixel art) and the work of Sir Carma and brb falling into a day dream of living in a tiny perfect floating cube city.



NASA has launched a giphy page. Repeat: NASA has launched a giphy page. Go forth into the final frontier.


We love a good End-Of-The-Year Best-Of Roundup – current fave: Huffington Post’s Best 50 Tweets From Women in 2016.


OK we’ll admit it: That Amazon commercial with the Priest and Imam plucked our heartstrings like a goddamned fiddle. And reminded us of this other wonderful, positive-message ad from Mattel.


Need some fluffy TV recs because it is totally ok to admit that you just don’t have the emotional energy right now to take in Great Media? XOJane has you covered.


So the people of the Faroe Islands were miffed at being left out of Google Earth’s drive to “Street View” map the world, so they did the only logical thing and strapped a camera to a sheep.

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