Weekly Munchies

Memory Palaces, Secret Hidden Caves, and the adventures of Sir PatStew and Ginger – Your Monday Links

In case you missed it, Sir Patrick Sewart is fostering a pit bull named Ginger and his Instagram feed is now the happiest place on the internet.

This paper shifting puzzle from the smart folks up at Harvard is weirdly, hypnotically, soothing.

Looking for something….nice? These gentle illustrations from Simpson’s illustrator Liz Climo are sweet and funny and just the ticket.

A 700-year-old cave used by the Knights Templar has been discovered in the English countryside. #HistoryisAwesome

Illustrator Omar Gilani has imagined a sci-fi future for Pakistan and we’re in love.

Unbound Worlds is doing their annual Cage Match of SFF Characters – go forth, choose wisely.

This essay on Men Who Don’t Read Women is important and you should read it.

Dreaming of mystery and adventure (or just need to study for a midterm?)? It’s elementary, our dear Mr. Watson, with your own memory palace.

What happens when a determined ram and a lone tether ball meet in the jungle? Hilarious futility, that’s what.

Yes, yes – we’re still very excited for the forthcoming TV adaptation, but this illustrated version of American Gods, new from the Folio Society, has us almost as pumped.


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