From The Writers' Room Featuring Geek Actually

Melissa Blue on Writing Geek Actually Episode 3 “Boss Battles”

In previous versions I named this episode Into the Breach. All the women were entering unknown territory. Aditi was facing down her future, and the relationship with her husband. Taneesha was getting a meet cute. Elli needed to keep a job. Michelle is dealing with the fall-out of her marriage.

What I enjoyed the most while writing this episode was Taneesha and Bobby. Banter is my second language and this was the only time I could really write it in this episode. Plus, I think siblings are different creature to tackle. I connected here because my children fall into this exact order. The sister is the oldest, and the youngest is a boy who kind gets by on his charm. I had so much fun showing their relationship.

Oh, and yeah, this is the gateway to Taneesha and Diego’s meet cute. I’m a romance writer first and foremost. I live for situations like this—meeting someone who just might change your life. A game shop for someone who codes games is likely a second heaven. A guy who respects out of the gate is definitely mana. (No pun intended.)

All in all, I think the original title is still fitting—Into the Breach. All the characters are facing new bosses they’ll have to win over or defeat for the rest of the season.

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