From The Writers' Room Featuring The Witch Who Came In From the Cold

Lindsay Smith on writing The Witch Who Came In From The Cold S2E12: “Zügzwang”


Season Two was in many ways a trial by fire. (Or lead?) Just as we’d figured out how to write Season One, we had to go and add new characters, new complications, and of course new world-threatening rituals into the mix while still upholding all the characters and elements we loved from the first season. That jigsaw puzzle we’d so carefully put together last year suddenly spread into extra dimensions.

I couldn’t be more pleased, though, with how it all ultimately tied together—and knowing this episode awaited me at the end of the journey made it all the sweeter. Three swords of Damocles have finally, finally dropped, and oh, the carnage is going to be glorious.

Gabe and Tanya—no more dancing around their grudging attraction. No matter what the future holds for them, though, we can sure there will be ample doses of guilt, suffering, and distrust on both sides.

Jordan’s past—just who was she before Cairo and Bar Vodnar? Suddenly her capitulation to the Flame in the past looks a whole lot more suspicious.

And Zerena. Our dear Wraith. She loves magic—loves proving her prowess with it. But she’s also not afraid to use any tool at hand to get the job done. Blood-spattered Zerena will be my guiding image heading into Season Three.

Hope you all enjoyed! Feel free to yell with me (or at me, either works) on Twitter @LindsaySmithDC.

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