From The Writers' Room Featuring ReMade

Kiersten White on writing ReMade E15: “The End of the Beginning”

remade_episode15_600x960_300dpi_wtextIt was with no small sense of responsibility that I approached wrapping up a thrilling, heartbreaking, and all-around blast of a first season. After sketching out the episode, I spent so much time touching on each character to make sure I was hitting every note I needed to. It had to be exciting. It had to resolve one season while swinging us into season two. It had to remind us who everyone is and what their stakes are. It had to absolutely gut our readers in the best possible way. And I had done it—I was so proud of myself!—when I got notes back from the other writers on the first draft.

“This is GREAT,” Matt Cody said. “Except…Umta isn’t in it?”

That’s right. For all my head-counting and careful crafting, I had left out an entire POV character. Which is when having a brilliant team comes in handy. From fine-tuning ideas, to getting incredible characters you never would have come up with on your own, to having someone else save your butt from an idiotic plotting mistake. They don’t know it yet, but the ReMade team is going to be brainstorming and saving me on everything I write from now on. Thanks, friends!

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