Weekly Munchies

Happy 2017! It’s a strange new world we have here

This is literally just a video of a fruit bad eating a grape but it’s adorable and you need to watch it.

The BBC took a trip to Postojna, a massive cave system in Slovenia and what has been known as the cradle of speleobiology, the study of subterranean flora and fauna. They met the “Human Fish” and gave us some new #TravelGoals.

Anybody love creepy abandoned theme parks?? (We raise our own hand aggressively.) Well fun fact: North Carolina has a creepy long-shuttered Wizard of Oz themed park!

Behold: the dark and fascinating history of The Amazing Live Sea-Monkeys. (Spoiler: things will get weird.)

Just how true are stories that are “based on a true story”? Information Is Beautiful has some really extensive scene-by-scene breakdowns of some recent Hollywood blockbusters (such as King’s Speech and The Imitation Game) and their accuracy.

Studio Ghibli and the movies it has produced (Princess MononokeKiki’s Delivery Service, etc.) have been some of the most wonderful additions to animation in the last 76 years – and some of the coolest female characters. To celebrate the studio’s recent birthday, The Mary Sue created a video on The Feminism of Studio Ghibli. Check it out!

Are you like us and counting down the days until Game of Thrones returns? Atlas Obscura knows that feel bro – spend some time with their Visual Heritage of Westeros article and get your fix!

Shut the front door: a new species of whale has been discovered!

Know what’s better than vacationing to a far off exotic locale? Vacationing to a fake far off exotic locale! Or something like that. It’s a weird world we live in.

This video of clouds colliding is a useful metaphor for anonymous online fights. #Accurate.

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