The One With

The One With is a regular feature on Back of the Box where folks talk about their favorite episode–of anything. Could be from a TV show, a serialized story, R Kelly’s In the Closet, a podcast, or whatever first comes to mind. Feel free to submit your own!

The One Withhannibal-header

Tessa Gratton and The One With the Murder Family

On the intentional beauty of a show about serial killers.

The One Withtara-sim-header

Tara Sim and The One with The Firebending Masters

She loves magic, time, and this one really awesome episode of Avatar: the Last Airbender. Meet Tara Sim now!

The One Withcarrie-harris-fave-ep-web-banner

Carrie Harris and The One With The Little Feet

I love the X-Files with the fire of a thousand suns. My college roommates and I watched it religiously every week and taped them for long binge rewatch sessions. Sometimes, we would also drink alcoholic beverages out of test tubes, but that’s a different story altogether.

The One Withstephanie-burgis-header

Stephanie Burgis And A Few of Her Favorite Things!

As you know - we love all things episodic and have a particularly special and warm place in our heart for things of the nerdy variety. That's why we were so happy when Stephanie wanted to tell us about her favorite things of the episodic variety and they were all wonderfully geeky!

The One Witheugene-fave-ep-banner

E.C. Myers and the One With the Cave Duck

I love TV, and I’ve watched a lot of it, so it’s hard to pick my favorite episode of any given series, let alone all of them. Most people would expect me to pick something from The Twilight Zone or DuckTales, and I won’t disappoint.

The One With6drag

Andrea Phillips and the One With the Gunpowder

Let me spread to you the good word of Six Flying Dragons, my new obsession-slash-fandom. It's all of the personal drama and spine-shivers of "Wow, this really happened," except that, for me, it opened up realms of compelling history that I'd never heard a whisper about before.

The One Withpoirot

Delia Sherman and the Little Grey Cells

So here’s my terrible secret: I don’t watch much television. But when I had surgery last year, I was pretty much tied to the apartment and a little loopy on painkillers and I watched a lot of TV, mostly period mysteries because I like the clothes.

The One Withheartrate

Madeleine Robins and the Dramatic Doctors

I love medical history, medical drama, Untold Stories of the ER. The more medical the better--and the first few seasons of ER, before they jumped the shark, are my jam. But even among those seasons, "Love's Labor's Lost" is indelible. I remember watching it and thinking "I didn't know you could do that on TV."

The One Withcropped-zztreasurechest2

Sarah Smith and Breaking Down the Door

One of the best things about serials is how they set up expectations and repeat those expectations and then subvert them, completely breaking down the door of the story so that a new kind of story can come pouring in. One of the finest examples Sarah Smith has ever seen was on—"Game of Thrones?" No. "Downton Abbey?" No. "Antiques Roadshow."

The One WithBarbaras one with header

Barbara Samuel and The One With The Dragons

I admit that I’m a screen fanatic, a binge-watcher before it was a thing, because I have a deep and life-consuming addiction to Story.

The One WithBeholder header

Beauty in the Twilight Zone with Cassandra Rose Clarke

It’s strange to think that a black-and-white TV show produced fifty years ago could have had some small part in forming my interest in and understanding of body politics. And yet that’s exactly what happened.

The One WithThe Librarians

Marie Brennan thinks you should be watching The Librarians

I love a good period drama -- think the kind of thing HBO has done so much of -- but a year or so ago, I found myself craving stuff that was brighter, more energetic, more . . . cheerful.

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