A Bowl of Questions

A Bowl of Questions is a regular feature on the Back of the Box where we interview people we generally think are awesome.

A Bowl of QuestionsEllen Kushner QA header

Locus Shines the Spotlight on Ellen Kushner

Learn Ellen's secrets - at least a few of them (she wouldn't never reveal ALL).

A Bowl of Questionsthe-girl-with-the-red-balloon

Questions and Answers (and Cats!) with Katherine Locke

Self described as a cat herder and lady knight, we've been a fan of Katherine's for some time - and hope you are too!

A Bowl of Questionsbroody-header

Questions and Swoons with Brooding YA Hero

You might have seen our most recent interviewee in any number of your favorite YA books, sulking in a corner and staring at you with his icy blue eyes that sparkle like a thousand stars...

A Bowl of Questionseugene-interview-header

We have questions, E.C. Myers has answers

The ReMade author stopped by for a chat! Fair warning - his soul is a Night Fury.

A Bowl of Questionstessa-interview-header

A Bowl of Questions with Tessa Gratton

This season of Tremontaine sees a few new faces in Riverside as well as the Writer's Room! Amongst them is Tessa Gratton, who took a break from her wizardly ambitions to join Ellen Kushner and co. for Season Two. We just had to sit down with her immediately to learn more, so read on to find out what her secret power would be - and why she's rather fond of things both ugly and glorious.

A Bowl of Questionsandrea-interview-header

A Bowl of Questions with Andrea Phillips

Tomorrow, September 14th, marks a very special date for Serial Box: Bookburners reaches is Season Two finale and ReMade finds its official launch! To celebrate we are delighted to have Andrea Phillips - an author with the special distinction of being on both writing teams - sit down for some tasty Q+A!

A Bowl of QuestionsLiz Interview Header

A Bowl of Questions with Liz Duffy Adams

Meet Whitehall author Liz Duffy Adams: award-winning playwright, benevolent super-villain, and kindred sloth.

A Bowl of QuestionsSarah Interview Header

A Bowl of Questions with the lovely Sarah Smith

Meet Sarah Smith: winner of the Agatha and Massachusetts Book Awards, lover of "Mistress Masham's Repose," and citizen of Starbucks with the soul of a harpy eagle.

A Bowl of QuestionsAlyssa banner

A chat with Historical Fiction author Alyssa Palombo

With historical fiction ever on our minds while we await Queen Catherine's royal return (WHITEHALL comes back from hiatus next week!), we sat down for a chat with the amazing historical fiction author Alyssa Palombo!

A Bowl of QuestionsBarbara Interview Header

A Bowl of Questions with the esteemed Barbara Samuel

Meet Barbara Samuel and her wonderful crew of writing personas: the Girls in the Basement.

A Bowl of QuestionsDelia Interview Header

Meet the one and only Delia Sherman!

She once made herself the schoolyard social pariah by demanding a stoup of canary (that’s a tankard of white wine) at kindergarten juice time. #TheMoreYouKnow

A Bowl of QuestionsMadeleine Interview Header

Interview with Madeleine Robins

It's not every day you get to meet a swordswoman and healer of books.

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