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Celebrating Buffy’s 20 Year Anniversary with Half Off Bookburners!

On the occasion of her 20th anniversary today, we are celebrating the OG demon hunter and all around badass, Buffy the Vampire Slayer! We know we don’t need to tell you why Buffy was so amazing (our authors Joel Derfner and Patty Bryant already have!) so instead we thought we’d highlight how that formative, mind blowing series would totally be besties for life with our own Bookburners squad of paranormal investigators! Read on below for 7 reasons why Buffy and Bookburners go together like Sunnydale and apocalypses .

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Happy Birthday

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And now –

7 Reasons Buffy and the Bookburners would be Besties

  1. Badass ladies

We know Buffy is pretty much the queen of badass, but Sal Brooks is one tough cookie too. In fact, the two of them together could probably take down three hell mouths teaming with Big Bads.


  1. Swoonworthy dudes with secrets (and accents)

Okay, so maybe the accent only counts if you were Team Spike, but we are proudly team Liam over here. This handsome, ripped, (secretly emotional and full of feelings) character drove a stake right through our hearts.

  1. Grand conspiracies

Buffy had to face evil conspiracies every season, and sure enough Sal too runs into plenty of intrigue and suspense. Basically, trust no one but your friends… and even they might turn out to be a little dangerous.

  1. Awesome, unpredictable magic

We all remember when Willow went dark, right? Yeah, terrifying stuff. In both Bookburners and the Buffyverse, magic is terrifying, strange, and highly dangerous. It also holds an allure that sometimes pulls characters deeper than they ever wanted to be in its murky, corruptible depths.


  1. Terrifying, unique bad guys

It’s easy to have an evil laugh and a plan to take over the world. But neither sets of stories went for the easy evil. Instead, darkness and danger takes on many forms. Sometimes, it even has a softer side.


  1. Sass

Sure, every hero has a sarcastic one-liner up their sleeve. But the Scoobies took sassing the bad guys to a new level. Episodes could be heartbreakingly sad one moment, and then a line from Giles would have you giggling. We love urban fantasy that retains a sense of humor.


  1. Emotional Heroes

Being the chosen one, or  a detective recruited into a secret anti-magic team is hard. Neither show nor serial shies away from looking at the emotional impact of the world resting on your shoulder

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