Weekly Munchies

Butter up your Monday with some Badass Ladies!

Studio Ghibli characters illustrated in traditional Japanese woodcut style = your lovely thing for the day.

Cool New Thing Alert! Cyber World is a new cyberpunk anthology full of visions of our dark tech future.

Get yourself learnt: A Short Animated History on Why Cleopatra Is More Than a Sexy Femme Fatale.

Hats off and a big slow clap for our new Badass Lady Hero, Chess champion Hou Yifan. She threw a match because seriously, why the heck is competitive chess gendered to begin with?

Having a bad day? Well just remember that you aren’t that kid who accidentally punched a hole in a 1.5 million 17th century painting. Go you.

From fan fiction all the way to the bank – check out Tremontaine author Racheline Maltese dropping some knowledge on Forbes magazine about the bankability of literature’s highest form of flattery.

New Favorite Thing Alert: The Magic iPod creates drag-n-drop remixes of 00s hip-hop hits with 00s indie hits. Treat your ears.

Do your part to subvert the patriarchy and call out racist politicians: read the letter Coretta Scott King wrote opposing Sessions’s 1986 federal nomination.

This week in “Thank God for the internet, otherwise how would we see this sh*t?” – The Devil Went Down to Georgia, Washing Machine edition.

Do you just enjoy well produced food videos? Do you consider butter its own food group? Are you, in fact, Paula Deen? The Mind of the Chef has something for you in their recent bonus feature.

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