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Bookburners Season 4 premiere! Plus 1776 June, A Most Dangerous Woman Episode 4: A Fresh Peril, Born to the Blade Episode 9: Assassination out this week

This week, Bookburners Season 4 premieres, we learn what happens in June 1776 in the newest episode of 1776: The World Turned Upside Down, an unexpected tragedy is a boon to Marian and Theo in Episode 4 of A Most Dangerous Woman, and there’s a declaration and a revelation on Twaa-Fei in Episode 9 of Born to the Blade.

Bookburners Season 4

Everything in the Bookburners’ lives falls into two categories: Before London and After London. Before London, things were strange, sure, but After London . . . “strange” doesn’t even begin to describe it. Magic is everywhere—and the Bookburners can only be in one place at a time.

Episode 1: Body Problems

The Maitresse hasn’t exactly given the Bookburners good reason to trust her in the past, so when they all receive an invitation from her to attend a spontaneous Market Arcanum, they’re not sure they should go. Is this a peace offering? A sincere attempt to work together? Or could it all be a very elaborate trap?

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1776: The World Turned Upside Down

In collaboration with The Associated Press, Serial Box presents our first nonfiction series, 1776: The World Turned Upside Down, a 12-part month-by-month immersive account of ordinary colonists during America’s first year.


In June 1776, American soldiers march to Canada to seek their help against the British. And we meet the hot-headed General Charles Lee, a soldier and a scholar who likes dogs more than people, as he prepares to lead an army to Charleston.

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A Most Dangerous Woman

In Brenda Clough’s deliciously authentic sequel to Wilkie Collins’ The Woman in White,  Marian Halcolmbe finds and marries her true love, Theo Camlet. But when Theo’s first wife, who everyone believed to be dead, reappears, Marian and her brother in law Walter must delve into the darkest and most dangerous corners of London to save Theo from accusations of bigamy and murder, as well as the hangman’s noose.

Episode 4: A Fresh Peril

With Theo a free man, Marian’s hope that he can be divorced from Margaret and legally remarry is renewed. But the proceedings are complicated, and the couple is crushed by the arrival of disappointing news. And when Marian receives a shocking letter from Theo, their future becomes more complicated yet.

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Born to the Blade

Born to the Blade banner

Youth. Ambition. Power. Oda no Michiko and Kris Denn have much of the first two, and crave the last. To get it, all they must do is survive.

Episode 9: Assassination by Malka Older

With the most recent attack on Rumika by Quloo — the theft of an entire island and its aerstone — Kris Denn, warder of Rumika, demands that the other five nations of the Warder’s Circle choose sides. The Mertikan Empire stands with Rumika and declares war, but only after humiliating Kris. The others, even the Mertikan vassal nations, hold their counsel, for now. The younger warders on Twaa-Fei are being left more and more in charge as their older mentors — and tormentors — retire or shift to war duties. Meanwhile, the lowest level of Twaa-Fei is burning, its people rioting amid uncertainty and fear as various factions fanning the flames. And Anton, who just wants to live his carefree pirate’s life, has the lone survivor of the incident that started this whole mess. He just needs someone to hand her over to.

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