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Meet The Character

Meet the Cast: Wesley, Jing-Wei, and Loki

ReMade has seen a lot of introductions, and most recently, some surprising goodbyes. To help you get to know this large cast better we enlisted artist Chris Boatright from AskTheStarGazers to bring our characters to life.

Weekly Munchies

Sparkle Kitty and Creation Myths – Make your Monday Epic

Also: feminist halloween costume suggestions and some really freaking cool art.

Just For Fun

YA Scavenger Hunt with J.R Johansson!

Join the hunt to find new books (and maybe even win them!) with us and Team Green!

The One With

Stephanie Burgis And A Few of Her Favorite Things!

As you know - we love all things episodic and have a particularly special and warm place in our heart for things of the nerdy variety. That's why we were so happy when Stephanie wanted to tell us about her favorite things of the episodic variety and they were all wonderfully geeky!

Weekly Munchies

Fall has come and we are feeling FESTIVE

Book and streaming recommendations, apple pie recipes, foliage guides: we've got everything you need to get in the seasonal spirit.

Weekly Munchies

It’s Monday and all we want is to know what your Patronus is

The Weekly Link Roundup also has some recommendations for books about cults (you know you're into it), web comics about magic girls (we're DEFINITELY into it) and how to drink your way through the Presidential Debate (the whole world is into this).

Weekly Munchies

Girl, you need Monsters and Metal this Monday

Everything is awesome! (No, is.)

Weekly Munchies

Your Monday needs Disney Princess Space Marines

....and Banana experts. Dive into your week with our favorite links of late!

Just For Fun

Bookburners Giveaway!

To celebrate the upcoming finale of Season 2 (just two episodes left!!) we are offering a prize package to one lucky winner that will be sure to keep you in demon-fighting shape as Fall rolls in.

Serial News

Season Finale! Whitehall Episode 13: “Safe Harbor”

The season’s long journey finds all its players glittering in their finest (some, scandalously so) as the lights go up climactic season finale of Whitehall!

Weekly Munchies

Internet Trolls, Rubber Chickens, and the Penny Dreadfuls: A Week of Wonderful World Wide Webs!

Can we interest you with some sci-fi mosquitos, a letter from Aldous Huxley, or Truman Capote's ashes?

From The Writers' Room

Madeleine E. Robins on writing Whitehall Episode 12: “More Harmony in Her Bright Eye”

The consequences of neglect play out.

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