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Weekly Munchiestamanduas-header

Spend Monday with a couple defensive Tamanduas and some thoroughly miffed Sea Lions

Also included: some excitable cats, a territorial dog, and some some book recommendations.

Just For Fungift-serial-box-header

Give the Gift of Serial Box!

With our new gifting feature, it's easier than ever to share Serial Box with your friends and loved ones.

Weekly Munchiesgarden-header

Yetis, Utopias, and Some Totally Subtle Gift Suggestions

Also there is a video of a hot knife cutting through things and you know you want to see that.

Weekly Munchiesnov-21-links-header

Monday Links to get you fired up (and calm you back down)

Paper towns, polar bears with dog friends, and some pictures of mushrooms because they are just really, really weird.

Weekly Munchiescalming-manatee-header

Magic, Manatees, and some Twerking Sausages Will Get you Through Monday

Also 16 pictures of fluffy white dogs because we all know that's what we want right now.

Serial Newsadobe-spark-36

SALE: Whitehall Season 1 Volume 1

For a limited time only we are dropping the price of Whitehall Season 1 Volume 1 on Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

Just For Funtremontaine-and-whitehall-banner

Tremontaine lovers rejoice – Whitehall is here to please

Are you a fan of Tremontaine? Have you checked out our historical serial Whitehall yet? We’ve got five reasons why you’d love it!

Weekly Munchiesnov-7-header

The World is a Wonderful Place – SO BE SURE TO VOTE!

Ask a fish for the weather, watch Martha and Snoop cook a casserole, and then don't forget to vote!

Weekly Munchies8ns8evn

Happy Halloween! Celebrate with pumpkins, fractals, and TOTAL UNIVERSAL DESTRUCTION

Happy Halloween! Did you know that we've had 50 good years with Charlie Brown's The Great Pumpkin? Many feels. Much nostalgia.

The One Withtara-sim-header

Tara Sim and The One with The Firebending Masters

She loves magic, time, and this one really awesome episode of Avatar: the Last Airbender. Meet Tara Sim now!

Weekly Munchiesfrog-header

Somebody once told us…Happy Monday! (Now with 100% more funny frogs)

Things we need this week: an emotional support duck for the fact that our bad food picture on instagram only get 1 like and it was from our mom.

Meet The Characterremade-character-cards-header-2

Meet the Cast: Wesley, Jing-Wei, and Loki

ReMade has seen a lot of introductions, and most recently, some surprising goodbyes. To help you get to know this large cast better we enlisted artist Chris Boatright from AskTheStarGazers to bring our characters to life.

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