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Let’s talk about serials!

Are you curious about the history of serialized fiction? What a kawinkidink, us too!

Weekly Munchies

Memory Palaces, Secret Hidden Caves, and the adventures of Sir PatStew and Ginger – Your Monday Links

Also included this week is rare footage of two of nature's most bitter rivals coming head to head in open combat: A ram...and a tetherball.

Weekly Munchies

Three Gods, Gandalf, and some glitter – your Monday links are here

And in other news, thieves repelled into a London warehouse for a rare book heist and while stealing is bad - we're pretty excited for the movie version.

Just For Fun

Ink Spotters and What We Mean By “Interactive Story”

Here at Serial Box we are all about ingenuitive story telling which is why we had to know more about Ink Spotters, an app that sends you through stories you can play!

Weekly Munchies

Butter up your Monday with some Badass Ladies!

Additionally: This week in "Thank God for the internet, otherwise how would we see this sh*t?" - The Devil Went Down to Georgia, Washing Machine edition.

Weekly Munchies

Wild Women and Goth Chickens are here to save your Monday

Also inside: The Islamic Roots of Science Fiction and The Handmaid's Tale trailer!

Weekly Munchies

Optimistic Possum is here with pretty pictures and happy tweets for your Monday

Also: Drag Queen Story Hour is the adorable heart warming story you need right now.

Just For Fun

Episodic Writing: The Golden Era of Podcasts

Alex C. Telander tells us about creating his podcast, Ostium!

Serial News

Awards Eligibility

Serial Box is so proud of all of the fantastic fiction we published in 2016! Should anyone be inclined towards award nominations, here is a complete list of our eligible items.

Weekly Munchies

Happy 2017! It’s a strange new world we have here

Also, you really need to watch this video of a bat eating grapes.

A Bowl of Questions

Questions and Answers (and Cats!) with Katherine Locke

Self described as a cat herder and lady knight, we've been a fan of Katherine's for some time - and hope you are too!

Weekly Munchies

This Monday, visit a Lost City with some Dancing Canadians!

And watch a compilation video of Heartwarming Moments that happened in 2016 because this year might have been trash barrel fire, but at least some good stuff happened.

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