Racheline Maltese

Author, Producer

Racheline Maltese is a performer and storyteller focused on themes of loss, desire, and fame. With Erin McRae she co-writes the Love in Los Angeles LGBTQ+ contemporary romance series from Torquere Press and the Love’s Labours contemporary gay romance series from Dreamspinner Press. From tentacle monsters that rule the New York City subways to lesbian werewolf bodyguards in 19th century Rome, her short fiction is about the practical problems caused by fantastical events. Racheline also writes plays and poetry, and her non-fiction on all things pop-culture has been widely published. @Racheline_M.

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Awards Eligibility

Serial Box is so proud of all of the fantastic fiction we published in our inaugural year! Should anyone be inclined towards award nominations, here is a complete list of our eligible items.

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Announcing Tremontaine Season 2!

Readers can expect more sex, scandal, and swordplay this Fall when Tremontaine returns for season 2 in October.

A Bowl of Questions

Getting to know Racheline Maltese, Producer of Tremontaine

If anyone deserves the title "Renaissance Woman", it's Racheline Maltese. From theater and writing to data analysis and fencing - she manages to do it all and somehow keep sane.

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How We Wrote It

One of the questions I keep hearing about Tremontaine is “but how does the writing process work?” to which the short answer is “Well, first we were all locked in a room together for three days.”

The One With

Racheline Maltese and The Random Shoes

The Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood was mostly about the interpersonal drama of a team of dysfunctional investigators dealing with Cardiff’s ongoing intergalactic role as a dumping ground for space alien detritus. But the ninth episode of the first season, “Random Shoes,” is barely about the Torchwood team at all.

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New Episode! Tremontaine Episode 6: “A Fair Hand”

The annual Tremontaine Ball is always the event of the season. But now, with the family fortune at stake, Diane assembles her guest list with all the cunning of a general preparing a battle plan.

From The Writers' Room

Patty Bryant and Racheline Maltese on writing Tremontaine Ep 6: “A Fair Hand”

Ultimately, we hope the Riverside and the City as we bring it to you in “A Fair Hand” feels familiar – to Ellen’s world, to a now largely lost New York, and to any world you have ever tried to navigate as a thousand different versions of yourself with whatever stray tools happened to be at hand.

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