Paul Witcover


Paul Witcover is the Nebula and World Fantasy nominated author of, most recently, The Emperor of All Things and its sequel, The Watchman of Eternity. He lives in Brooklyn, New York, and takes his chocolate hot and spicy, hold the cream.

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Announcing Tremontaine Season 2!

Readers can expect more sex, scandal, and swordplay this Fall when Tremontaine returns for season 2 in October.

From The Writers' Room

Paul Witcover on writing Tremontaine Ep 9: “Lies in Our Stars”

Did I mention that I like swords? In high school, my friends and I used to battle with golf clubs standing in for swords. Later, in college, I joined the fencing team. My weapon was the foil. We had a special T-shirt made up that read "Fencers Do It With a Steel Rod." For some reason, the girls on campus seemed unimpressed with our wit.

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