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Patty Bryant is a cafe-based writer who publishes in the romance genre under several different pen names. She has an M.A. in archaeology from New York University and, when she is not in the field, lives in Brooklyn, NY. She is passionate about tea, nail polish, and horror movies.


Tremontaine Season 1 Reread: Episode 2, “The North Side of the Sun”

Author Alaya Dawn Johnson weaves us a delicious tale of safron, secrets...and sultry lust-hate.

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Calling all bloggers: Join TremonTEAM!

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Tremontaine Season One Omnibus!

We are excited to share that all 13 episodes of Season 1 of our delicious fantasy of manners are now available in collected editions from the retailer of your choice.

A Bowl of Questions

Patty Bryant: Live from Brooklyn!

When I’m writing, my happy place is a total cliche: I like to take my laptop to the local coffee shop and order a cup of tea. Yes, I am a sad Brooklyn hipster.

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Awards Eligibility

Serial Box is so proud of all of the fantastic fiction we published in our inaugural year! Should anyone be inclined towards award nominations, here is a complete list of our eligible items.

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Announcing Tremontaine Season 2!

Readers can expect more sex, scandal, and swordplay this Fall when Tremontaine returns for season 2 in October.

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New Episode! Tremontaine Episode 6: “A Fair Hand”

The annual Tremontaine Ball is always the event of the season. But now, with the family fortune at stake, Diane assembles her guest list with all the cunning of a general preparing a battle plan.

The One With

Patty Bryant and The Gift

I was a huge fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer all through my teenage years. From age twelve to my freshman year of college, I spent every Tuesday night in front of the TV, basking in leather-clad bad guys, quippy good guys, and the romantic drama between the two. I never missed an episode, and taped most of them so I could watch them again whenever I wanted.

From The Writers' Room

Patty Bryant and Racheline Maltese on writing Tremontaine Ep 6: “A Fair Hand”

Ultimately, we hope the Riverside and the City as we bring it to you in “A Fair Hand” feels familiar – to Ellen’s world, to a now largely lost New York, and to any world you have ever tried to navigate as a thousand different versions of yourself with whatever stray tools happened to be at hand.

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