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Max Gladstone is the Lead Writer on Bookburners, and a team writer on The Witch Who Came In From The Cold, both from Serial Box. He was thrown from a horse in Mongolia, drank almond milk with monks on Wudang Shan, and wrecked a bicycle in Angkor Wat. Max is also the author of the Craft Sequence of books about undead gods and skeletal law wizards—Full Fathom Five, Three Parts Dead, Two Serpents Rise, and Last First Snow. Max fools everyone by actually writing novels in the coffee shops of Davis Square in Somerville, MA. His dreams are much nicer than you’d expect. He tweets as @maxgladstone and can be found online at


Bookburners and Beginnings

Sal and the Bookburners may be on hiatus this week but the writers behind our demon-hunting serial are here chatting about Serial Box, collaborative fiction, and magic, oh my!

From The Writers' Room

Max Gladstone on writing Bookburners Ep 11: “Codex Umbra”

Villains aren’t villains in their own eyes—self-declared monstrosity like Don John’s in Much Ado About Nothing is rare, and when it shows up, it tends to signal comedy.

Serial News

New Episode! Bookburners Episode 11: “Codex Umbra”

The stage is set for Mr. Norse’s grand play in his quest to possess Codex Umbra, an encyclopedia of demons capable of destroying the world.

From The Writers' Room

Max Gladstone on writing Bookburners Ep 7: “Now and Then”

I was not ready for the Bund. People had told me what to expect, of course, but in that vague traveler way. "You have to go to the Bund! There's nothing like it!" Which is sort of the opposite of the point with the Bund.

Serial News

New Episode! Bookburners Episode 7: “Now and Then”

While all the members of Team Three have their secrets, only Grace seems willing to guard hers with fists of fury.

The One With

The One With… Max Gladstone

The One With Darmok - We didn’t watch television when I was a kid. We had a television, yes, for Olympics and election nights, but most of the time it sat on my folks’ dresser, a boxy gray-black paperweight.

A Bowl of Questions

Picking Max Gladstone’s Brain

The best part of collaborating—for me—is getting to pitch an idea to a room full of brilliant people and go “Hey! What do we think about…. THIS?” And then you see, in real time, whose eyes light up and whose go dead!

From The Writers' Room

Max Gladstone on writing Bookburners Ep 1: “Badge, Book, and Candle”

Fifty pages aren't many. That's plenty of room to tell a straightforward story—but a pilot episode isn't straightforward.

Serial News

Serial Launch! Bookburners Episode 1: “Book, Badge, And Candle”

NYPD Detective Sal Brooks is no rookie—but even the most hardened cop would think twice when they see their brother open a book and become…well…something entirely not their brother.

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