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Bookburners Season 4 premiere! Plus 1776 June, A Most Dangerous Woman Episode 4: A Fresh Peril, Born to the Blade Episode 9: Assassination out this week

This week, Bookburners Season 4 premieres, we learn what happens in June 1776 in the newest episode of 1776: The World Turned Upside Down, an unexpected tragedy is a boon to Marian and Theo in Episode 4 of A Most Dangerous Woman, and there's a declaration and a revelation on Twaa-Fei in Episode 9 of Born to the Blade.

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New episodes out this week! Born to the Blade Episode 5: Trade Deal, Royally Yours Episode 5: The Butler and the Bodyguard and Episode 6: The Big Day

The warders tally the cost of victory in Born to the Blade, and Royally Yours concludes with a wedding fit for a princess.

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Series Premiere: Born to the Blade S1E1 “Arrivals”

At an elegant soiree organized for her benefit—so she can meet the players in Cairo’s expensive art scene

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